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  1. I designed a new Mazdarati badge to replace my badges on my 96, but he rear one seems to be riveted on or at least has posts of some sort. Has anyone else removed this one? I just don't want to damage the decklid removing it.
  2. Can someone who has the factory euro lip kit get me some detailed photos and exact measurements of it? I do a lot of 3d design and I am going to try to reproduce it for myself on my 3d printer then likely fiberglass over it. I just can't find one and nothing else looks anywhere near as good as that kit. if you still have one? Maybe @djdevon3 if you still have one? obviously I am referring to the one in this thread.
  3. I have a complete custom setup from cat (or where its supposed to be) back. I have my cat and resonator both removed and have pipe welded in. I also have a Thrush glass pack muffler welded in with a 4" tip welded on the end. I had a muffler shop do all the work and I spent under $200. It is loud but legal, and I LOVE it. Legal in terms of the decibel level, taking your cat off is a no no here. I think it is a much better sounding alternative to the normal tuner muffler. Keep in mind if you do it yourself you will have to weld hangers onto the glass pack or it will just flop around. No bueno.
  4. I have a chance to get lowering springs from an 06-09 civic sedan for $30. My question is does anyone know if they are the right diameter? also they say 1" front 1 1/2" back. I'd likely cut them to my desired ride height if they fit. Does anyone know? Or for $30 should I just chance it before they sell and if they are wrong just resell them? I have the 96 2.5L Spring diameters are 4 3/4" in the rear and 5 1/2" in the front. Length is 10.5" and 11.5" respectively if that helps
  5. Name: Mazda 626 (1996) Date Added: 11 August 2014 - 11:08 PM Owner: SumCanadianGuy Short Description: I don't care what anyone else says or thinks, I love my car. My car is my story, and I'm writing it my way. View Vehicle
  6. Thanks for the info! Wouldn't be the Megan ones that I'm getting but I imagine they will basically be the same.
  7. Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I am Mazda n00b so forgive me if I sound that way. I was looking for some springs to lower my car and found a set for a decent price for a mx6/probe but they say in big bold red letters 4CYL ONLY!!!! My question is, other than them possibly sitting lower than they say they will sit will there be any other issues? The claim to lower 2", would it be closer to 2.5"? I would be ok with that, just don't want to buy them and have them be way out to lunch. I can't afford coil-overs and such as I have a wife and 2 kids, Daddy's car comes last haha. Any advice i
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