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  1. Brand new never even removed from box ksport Mazda 626 Coil overs. Paid 900 + shipping for them. Some young tool pulled out in front of me and totalled my baby two days before these were delivered. Asking 700 plus shipping.
  2. How To: Install A Short Shifter

    i do have to say.. the cup holders really tic me off.. i have a pressure sensitive 9.3 in touch dvd navi bleutooth head unit and anything touching the screen makes it do stuff so i just get drinks with caps and use the passenger seat as my cup holder. and i would very much like that video.. im looking into my favorite junkyard because im pulling another 626 motor to rebuild from the ground up while driving on this motor.. having trouble finding any interal engine components.
  3. 146,000 miles and still getting 32 mpg highway.. need to install my new clutch soon.. still on original..

  4. How To: Install A Short Shifter

    i am very interested in installing a short shifter in my 97 626.. my first car (1995 dodge neon rs 250 hp with weight reduction) came worked when i bought it off of a mechanic and already had a short shifter installed.. believe me i very much miss my short shifter. but i don't know if there is a point i'm me installing a short shifter with the 115 horses my car currently has.. i would have to wait 1 1/2 seconds for my rpm's to come down before even letting out on my clutch and giving it gas.. should i look into increasing my power before bothering? honestly i was considering just chopping and re-threading the stock shifter.. lol.. i know probably a bad idea