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  1. yup. good guy, met him couple times when i went to sevenstock, this last time i went. i bought like 4 dolls. lol a must have in any rotary garage!
  2. Thank you She's my Long Term Project. was hit in the back, so its a bit bent up. but the motor and trans work PERFECT. so i couldn't pass up the opportunity to keep her alive. PLUS its Rotary? how could i turn that down? in a weird way too, i have two "Capella's" lol my Rx2 "Capella" and my 626 "Capella" ^_^
  3. lol thanks, i say 2.5 because the FC and the Miata are door to door. no way to get into the FC at all and only the drivers side on the Miata. so its not a "functional" 3 car. but definatly has the size lol plus once i get my tools, and cabinates in there it'll definatly be a 2.5 car only lol
  4. well, i recently bought my home so my garage isn't spectacular yet. but its veery very nice to finally have one! my Rx2 and FC have been outside for 2 years here in utah. so working on getting 220v wired up, a/c and heat. its a 2.5 car garage, with a upstairs storage area. currently making a tire shelf here soon so i can get my wheels off the ground. then i'm gonna start getting some tools home. all my tools live with me at NIssan so need a good home set.... Have a HUGE lot, and the driveway could easily support 14 cars. also the garage has a Rear car port. so technica
  5. sounds like a kill swtich modification. when i was younger (dumber) building honda's they were quite the theft item (still are) so we got good at creating kill switches. some guys used the dimmer switches, other used defrosters. best one i saw, was the wiper speed control. it had to be set to the 2nd to last slowest setting. not exactly sure how they wired it but it was genius. lol if you want to go back to "factory" i would get the wiring diagram, tear apart your collum and start tracing wires. find where they split your ignition wire and reconnect it back together. honestly IMHO, cer
  6. i was thinking about painting everything, but then i decided that i kinda wanted some "stock" to appear, i didn't mind the orange on the outside lights, but yeah... the giant block??? lmao that had to go. thank you ^_^ i'm liking the look just excited to finish it up. next i'm testing out some "knock off" seats i have in my FC (rx7 needs SFI seats so they gotta go somewhere ^_^ lol) Yeah, my speed 6 has tinted tails and i did a nice light coat just to add the color, but not to black out or affect the light operation. i love the look. lol (pictures make it look more dark than it
  7. i haven't yet, i'm letting the sun fade them just a touch, then i'll wet sand and clear. this should (crossing my fingers) make that red appear more like the side lenses red. if not, i'll paint them redder too lol
  8. well, started thinking of budget things i could do to make the car faster.... obviously, painting the rear tails was the first thing to do with go-faster-parts... lmao Before!!! Taping off and Spraying DONE!!!!
  9. lol look what i started.
  10. Ooooh ok lol carry on then
  11. Wait a min.... I think we are talking about different buttons....
  12. hmmmm definatly gonna upgrade those then with the new motor.....
  13. mine doesn't work... i have a AFR gauge in my driver side vent... lol no a/c means my windows are down too lol seems like it would be a cool thing, but not needed. i think the look on peoples faces when my wastegate opens up is better than the air moving around lol
  14. whahaaaat?? thats cool. lol i never gave it a chance to work i would push it, (fans off cause my a/c is gone and its hot) nothing happened, then turn it off lol wow i'ma have to try that now!
  15. Alright, so in the center console, between the two vents its a button. it says... On..... Off.... simple push button square switch.... i'm baffled... i have pushed it... nothing changes (that i notice) Anyone have any clue what it is??? i can take picture if needed
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