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  1. hi i just got a set a BBS Vert mesh wheels for a good price....i just wanted to no if there is any 626's that are running the same set up or close to it just to see what it'll look like before i put them on......feel free to show some pics...it be much appreciated.....thanks guys
  2. I just got some rims today in a trade and there 18x8.5 & 18x9.5....is anybody running the same set up or something close to it
  3. Yea I no it clashes, but it looked crazy with those two colors.. but there getting stripped down now and powdered coated pick them up in a week when the funds is right
  4. Just got another set of rims and just put them on and I love the way it looks.....
  5. Yea im a drop a 2.5 in her, but im a spend all winter rebuilding the engine first, in and out then im a paint her all over, im sticking with the gold...
  6. this the way she stands as of now.....slowly but surely....she will come alive
  7. I'm from PA, it actually sit pretty low on the windshield, and yea I'm looking for a nice set of deep dish wheels , something different than some xxrs or rotas don't know what I want yet still just contemplating..... Im a start by putting on some Mazda 6 factory wheels on it or Mazda 3 wheels for now
  8. It runs great, dude I bought it from thought it was gonna need a lot of work, cause it was leaking oil, but it only turned out to be the oil pressure gauge (unit), so it only cost me 7.95 to fix, so it was a come up since I only paid 500 for it, but I know eventually I have to fix something being that she's 18 yrs old so I'm glad I joined the site..
  9. I work at a rim and tint shop called tint express that's the reason for the sticker so it ain't odd cause we do it all and ain't nothing wrong with my car mechanicaly just cosmetic but u have your opinion....but thanks for looking and the critizim.....
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