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  1. So my 2001 2.0 115HP mazda 626 is giving me problems. About a year ago the car started to shake a little whils idling. As it is quite an old car I never really cared much about it and thought it is because of the car's age. About 4 months ago car started having rough idle and it keeps progressing all the time to a point where the car dies almost instantly as I put it in neutral and the revs drop to 200-500 and than to 0 and the car dies. This happenes on every traffic light or any other time the clutch is pressed for a longer moment (so it has the time to drop the revs to 0).
  2. So it seems my wiper motor for the windshield wipers has died as the wipers are not moving. I found some used ones on ebay, but not all of the parts on it match. Everything is the same but the "3U" number (mine has 2B). I've found many other that have different number&letter (12U, 4T, 10S, 4C, 9T, ...) but everything else is the same. Can someone tell me what does this number stand for? Will any of this fit or do I need to find the same one with "2B"? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I just got myself a 2001 626 mazda (EU model since I'm from EU). The central locking is all messed up (it also hase a remote but it's still a mess). Most of the doors do not unlock/lock with the key or with the remote and there is a loud noise coming from the motors. I was thinking about throwing the stock central locking out and replace it with a different system. How hard is something like this to do if I have never done it (I did car audio installations professionally for 6 years so I know how to look for wires and similar..). Is there anything special I need to be care
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