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  1. Did you want to work something out for the turbo parts? Let me know!


    (804) 386-4874 text preferred

  2. Okay, I took the time to check it out, the clicking was coming from the fuel pump relay, which is what I had suspected. I installed a aftermarket fuel pump in the form of a Walbro 255, I'm not sure if this is causing the relay to click while idling, esp. since it's a fairly recent thing and I've had the fuel pump installed for a few months. Do you think there could be some voltage issues?
  3. Oh damn, I should check it out before the heat of the summer kicks in!
  4. While idling, after the car warms up, there is a clicking noise right near the steering column area which sounds like a relay turning on and off really fast. If I press the gas, it stops, letting off the gas while coasting/idling it will begin to start clicking again. It doesn't seem to effect the performance, maybe a rough idle, not sure. I have not personally looked up under the dash to see what's what, haven't had the time. Just wanted to throw it out there to see if anyone else has had a similar issue.
  5. Was poking around on RacingJunk.com and found this interesting gem: http://www.racingjunk.com/Other/182597298/Mazda-626-Speed-World-Challenge-touring-Car.html
  6. Updates! Progress is slow but sit happening: Whiteline rear trailing arm bushings installed along with a proper alignment New front and rear engine mounts, modified with 3M polymer 0W-20 Mobil 1 synthetic - I'm trying this out, esp. during the winter months. I'm expecting the worst that could happen is that it would leak more, which I doubt since the engine has all new seals. I think my next big-ish project to tackle would be replacing the old and cracked dash. I have a fresh one I need to paint up (black) and then it can go in. As of late, my time has been very restricted. I can onl
  7. BTW, do any of you guys recommend running the engine with or without the top timing belt cover? I keep mine on just to keep debris and such away, but I've seen a lot of engines with the cover off.
  8. It's alive! To recap, about 2 weeks ago, my timing belt came apart, which oddly happened when I was idling, not under any load. There was no clattering or odd noises, just simply cut off. My initial assumption was that it was something to do with the fuel pump, or relay. So, in the process, we installed a new(ish) fuel pump (Walbro 255 given to me by ademan), and checked everything else. Turned out the timing belt was in bad shape. My mechanic was pessimistic about the condition of the engine, many sources citing that the F2 is a interference engine, and that something as a timing belt
  9. The Fuel pump and relay are good, but it appears it may have skipped timing, that's what we believe at this time. The cam seal near the timing belt has been leaking for some time, and may have caused the early failure of the timing belt. The irony of the whole thing, I knew about this problem, and I was bringing the car in to get the seals fixed, and timing belt replaced, but was still driving the car, I didn't think it was going to fail between that time. If the cam seal at the timing belt is leaking, get it fixed!
  10. I have had my car for nearly 18 month, and mostly driven daily. All this time, my car has been running like a champ, always started clean, ran like a top! Last night, on my way home, it suddenly died, just quit. Electrical was good, car was turning over, just not catching. Okay, no worries, my buddy's shop was close by, got a tow over there after a little while, so I wasn't strained for long So, I think it is a fuel issue, something just stopped working. It's either the fuel pump, relay, or something else I'm not aware of. Oh yes, the Check Engine light came on, but I didn't get time to c
  11. I love my Fortune Auto suspension too! What spring rates did you get? And did you get the swift springs?
  12. for Na? the clutch if in good condition should be able to hold your goal of 200whp. Did you go to that junkyard in richmond to pull all the stock turbo off that mx6gt ? The clutch is brand new, with every intention of boosting the engine, Stage 2 is what I need. So far to report, the clutch is fine! I haven't had time to go to the junkyard yet. It'll have to wait, I've had some unexpected financial stuff come up. This last week, I was able to remove the A/C unit (and everything that comes with it), and the only thing I have to say is that after a few tries, the size of the serpent
  13. Found a '89 Ford Probe tranny with only 95K, opened it up, looked cherry! Installed along with a new rear main seal, full synthetic, resurfaced flywheel, and a Stage 2 Southbend street clutch. Good to go!
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