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  1. Yes, it totally sucks. I've had comments on posts on Facebook about "it's so old, why do you care?" But I love that car. Bought it new. We've been a lot of places together, and it's been so reliable. I checked at the nearby salvage yard, and no luck. Also called a salvage yard in Phoenix that had parts from my exact model listed: Blue 1990 Mazda 626 LX hatchback. The owner there said they truly don't accept cars without a title (and said that other smaller salvage operations do that routinely), and that he hadn't taken in a 1990 Mazda 626 in a couple of years. Said those parts were from a car taken in long ago. He sounded credible, and I believe him. Nothing on Craigslist. I'll keep looking and hoping...
  2. I'm going there tomorrow anyway. I think I should get aggressive and go to every salvage yard in my area. I wish I hadn't waited for 2 months, while I thought the sheriff was doing something. I looked more closely at the parts listing -- the damage code for the 626 hood shows damage in the right headlight area, where mine had been backed into a long time ago. Could be my car!
  3. djdevon3, thank you so much! That salvage yard is just a few miles from me. I'll go there tomorrow. VIN # is JM1GD2421L1830401 The sheriff's department says its status as "stolen" is questionable under the law, and that I should pursue this in civil court. I have to prove that I had an arrangement with the previous owner of the shop (the one who skipped town) to store my car while I paid for the repair. I think if the current owner of the repair shop had reported it stolen when it disappeared, that would have worked. But he says he was happy to see it gone. He says he didn't know who it belonged to, but I've since learned it would have been easy for him to find out by contacting the police, the sheriff, or Motor Vehicles. Again, thanks. I'll let you know if this turns out to be my car. Then I hope I can find a repair shop that will actually do an engine replacement on it.
  4. My blue 1990 Mazda 626 hatchback disappeared from a repair shop called Innovative Automotive in Sierra Vista AZ, in January 2014. I was just informed the Sheriff's department will no longer look for it, nor have they tagged it as "stolen" in the Motor Vehicles database. The former owners of Innovative Automotive skipped the state, and ripped off a bunch of people. My car was in for an engine replacement, and they had a $1000 down payment from me for that. That disappeared also, of course. I know there's no chance of getting my money back, but I hope my car can be found. It's a blue hatchback, new A/C compressor, rather new radiator, new clutch, working electric door locks and windows, moon roof sealed shut, clean interior in good shape, one headlight and one tail light damaged, paint worn off on hood from blowing sand in Arizona. It was all in great condition, except the engine. Cylinder head was off, and sitting on front passenger-side floorboard. It had to be towed or pulled away from the repair shop. It may have long since been taken across the border into Mexico, or could have been sold for salvage in S. Arizona. It had many parts in very good condition. If you've seen such a Mazda anywhere, or if you see one that fits this description being sold as a parts car, please let me know. My ex and I bought this car new in 1989, and I'm very attached to it. I have its title here, and can prove ownership. Motor Vehicles shows no action on its VIN, so no one has tried to get a salvage title on it. That's pretty uncommon here in S AZ, though, where cars are sold for salvage (or otherwise) without titles, and many cars go across the border into Mexico for repair or parts. Thanks. Feel free to email me directly with any info at: bmontes@iland.net
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