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  1. Hi, I know nobody read my topic but... Car has changed. Here are some photos. Shorter springs, MS01 16'' wheels with 185/50 and 205/45 Falken tires. Hope You like it :)
  2. Hello again. Still got my 626 GD, still working on it. Floor inside the car was cleaned and secured. Some interior parts have been mounted. Now I'm working on rear floor and suspension. I've removed rust, painted primer and applied sealing mass. Mean time I bought, lowering springs, digital cluster and some wheels(16'' ms01). I removed lpg. There is a fanpage of my car where I insert info about, You can find it on https://www.facebook.com/626gd/
  3. Hehe, the fun is just about to start. On saturday I'd like to start scratching car floor, replace exhuast and fuel tank. Then I have to secure floor and closed profiles, mount interior. Next disassemble suspension, metallize and replace some parts. There is much work to do.
  4. I finally get my car back from tinsmith. Here are some photos, the fun is just about to begin: I have never seen such a commitment, especially in working for someone else. I'm very pleased with the work done.
  5. I agree, especially when you stay in front of fenders. This is no primer, this is lacquer - photo was taken with flash, this is why you can't see properly. I can't wait to start work in the garage and of course make some test drive through the city.
  6. Yes, it is hatchback, or liftback. Steering column cover and wheel lock are OEM, I know they have different color but so it must be i think. Thx. It is normal version, I'd like to have some j-spec or a-spec gadgets. I think corners like that will fit to my car without any work, except for some wire compatibility. Engine? I like it and like it being a little outdated :). I'm just get back from tinsmith and here are some spy photos: I hope to watch my Mazda Wednesday at home :).
  7. Hello, I'm owner of Mazda 626 GD with FE4 engine(2.0 12V) in the beautiful UC color. I have done some repairs and upgrades. Now my Mazda is in the tinsmith workshop - I have to repair rear fenders. My car is equipped with: - power steering - power windows - heated seats - headlight washers - blue velor upholstery - gearbox lock Here are some photos: - just some time after buy: - fighting with the rust before tinsmith worskhop I would like to fix metalwork and do some upgrades: - lower susspension and alloy wheels - front signal lights from Capella - electronic meter and register as a monument. When i get my car back from tinsmith I have to remove interior and repair some places at the floor, then I would like to secure the floor and closed profiles. I have to replace fuel tank and exhaust system. Sorry for my bad English. Greetings, ArteK.
  8. It is gorgeous car. Is there original paint on it? What set of bulbs have You installed in front lights? Hope to see more inetresing news and photos about.
  9. Hi, I'm Artur from Poland. I hope to find some information, show my Mazda 626 GD and find interesting people.
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