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  1. When you start the car and you have nothing electrical running (heater/lights), the battery should read 13.7 to 14.7 volts? When you turn heater on, does volts on the battery drop? If yes turn off heater and turn on rear demister. Does the engine revs drop, and volts on battery drop. If yes, check your alternator out put. If the alternator is OK, it could be the battery (check battery connectors and earth) If alternator and battery OK you could have a bad connection somewhere. I had a car many years ago that kept loosing power when I reached 50mph or accelerated. Found the connection had come lose on the coil. Everyone was telling me it was a fuel problem. I hope this helps? If not let me know.
  2. Sorry I could not help. Have you Googled it? Try: mazda 626 iac cleaning and taking apart
  3. Started my Mazda 626 last week and I had the same problem. The car had been standing for nearly a year. I pulled the throttle body intake off and gave a quick squirt of Wynn,s air intake & carburettor cleaner into the throttle body. Now runs perfect. http://www.autosessive.com/products/60310/wynns-air-intake-carburettor-cleaner-500ml Hope this helps
  4. Light Switch Diagram

    I have now sorted it
  5. I have now sorted it
  6. Hi Has anyone got a combination headlight switch terminal wiring diagram for a UK mazda 626 2 litre se 1997-1999 many thanks
  7. Light Switch Diagram

    Hi Has anyone got a combination headlight switch terminal wiring diagram for a UK mazda 626 2 litre se 1997-1999 many thanks
  8. 626 Se Wiring Diagram

    Thank you both for your help (FIS and djdevon3), looks like I am going to have to use a circuit tester and use the process of elimination.
  9. 626 Se Wiring Diagram

    The GF is from 98-02, 97 still had the GE chassi, and the WSM I linked too is for the 98-02 models. But the 93-97 wiring diagrams should be very similar to the 98-02, but if you could tell us what you are looking for we might be able to help you out. I have 8 wires coming from the direction indicator/light switch. Black, violet/white, green/white, red/orange, red/blue, red/black, green/black and brown. I could find the 3 wires I am looking for, using the process of elimination. But knowing what the 3 colour indicator wires are, I thought could save me time.
  10. 626 Se Wiring Diagram

    Another problem I have found. The car I have is a 97-00 and was built the end of 1999 and registered in January 2000, the same time Mazda 1999-2002 model was on the market.
  11. 626 Se Wiring Diagram

    Can anyone help? I have been looking for a wiring diagram for my Mazda 626 2l se (year1999). The Haynes manual and every wiring diagram I have found on line, does not match the colour wires from the light/indicator stalk on my car.
  12. Air Con Compressor

    My mazda 626 se (1999) air con is kicking out warm air. If the pressure is low because of a leak, does the air con compressor stop working to avoid damage.
  13. Cold Air Intake Mod

    Cold Air Intake - Explained
  14. <p>Mazda 626</p>

    Mazda 626
  15. Vehicle: Mazda 626 (2000)

    Name: Mazda 626 (2000) Date Added: 19 April 2014 - 03:38 PM Owner: rickie Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle