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  1. Alright sorry that I havnt been on in a while as im working alot .... seems that the pivet point on the clutch pedal has changed the car drives fine as I have driven it to work today only thing is that the pivet point is different than it was with the stock clurtch
  2. I honestly dont think so as I have bleed the entire system alot in the last few weeks amd notjing changes not sure what else to do from here on out I might make a video and post it
  3. Interesting as after I installed mine I can only what seems to engage the clutch after pedal is only about 2 inoffensive the floorboard got a idea ... I agree with you as it have the stage 2 as well and it does grip real nice
  4. Any issue with the clutch pedal after the install ??
  5. Alright guys I replaced the clutch throughout bearing pressure plate all that put everything back and it runs fine no leaks only problem is clutch pedal waits till maybe 3 inches from the floor board to engage and its not engaging all the way seems to me that the clutch pedal is not being pushed far enough anyway to adjust that ??
  6. Hmm weird clutch engages like 3in down hmm maybe pedal adjustment
  7. Anyone ever make there own coilovers ??
  8. Gonna attempt some fabricating of my own for building sway bars upper and bottom and rears another thing do they make coilovers for the 626 ??
  9. Right I get that but I @#$^% up and had my wife in the car and she rested her feet on the break and clutch while it was all off and well I had to disconnect it all and well got air into the line its comming along slowly but surely
  10. OK so everything is on and I started it up seems I have to bleed the entire system clutch system as well seeing how clutch is apparently in love with my floorboard hehe meaning it doesn't wanna stay up so IMA get to that maybe when I get off work I'm not sure though might wait till Sunday night
  11. Idk I didn't have any issue with the transmission going back on it was pretty simple had the floor jack centered about 4in twords the drivers side wheel and bam bolted right up no issue what so ever
  12. Sweet man ^^^ this guy I might have to fly you to LA and build a car with ya
  13. Well the transmission was on 45 mins after I had the clutch on any one reconise there
  14. And now the transmission is on along with the new clutch lol make sure I'm not confusing and one this thread is updated 1 step behind me lol
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