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  1. Spookybear

    Workshop Manual

    I stumbled upon this workshop manual. Might come in handy for you guys 626_workshop_manual.pdf
  2. Spookybear

    Jerking Acceleration And Whinning Noise

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAZDA-626-GF-1997-2002-WORKSHOP-SERVICE-REPAIR-MANUAL-/300937195851?pt=AU_Clothing_Merchandise_Media&hash=item461141314b&vxp=mtr would this be sufficient?
  3. Spookybear

    Jerking Acceleration And Whinning Noise

    Alright, so the whinning seems to have stopped, I didn't really do anything. The power steering is def. not the culprit here. No noises coming from it, not now, nor before the whinning went away. I was just bad at locating the noise, but it's not from the pump. I replaced the airfilter and inspected the air intake. No cracks visible. I'll have to use the smoke trick from one of your videos Devon. Belt seems tight. I tried pulling codes, but my damn OBD seems to be an abdomination. It's missing TEN and FEN. I checked this http://mazda626.net/topic/42924-european-mazda-626-1998-18-no-ten-pin-in-obd-module/ and this http://mazda626.net/topic/41740-my-obd-interface/ Doesn't get me anywhere, I'm missing more pins than anyone else it seems. I looked all around the car. I have no connected underneath the dash(at the steering wheel) and nothing elsewhere in the car. However I did manage to pull an ABS code using the TBS. (Also missing FBS....) Getting this 13 = Right rear wheel speed sensor or rotor Would that indicate a worn brakepad? Picture of my OBD https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/312127/2014-05-29%2020.32.58.jpg
  4. Spookybear

    Fuel Consumption

    I'm driving 11.7km/l, mostly city. I just tested highway. 110km/h - 140km/h. Somehow I managed 20km/l. I'm driving a manual
  5. Spookybear

    Bad Injector?

    Could you post a video of your misfire? Maybe I have the same issue, but I have no idea how it sounds.
  6. Spookybear

    Jerking Acceleration And Whinning Noise

    Wow thanks for the fast answers! The whinning noise seems to be coming from my power steering pump. I saw scotty kilmer just uploaded a video on how to fix a noise power steering, seems pretty straightforward. I checked the car log, it doesn't seem like the fuel filter has ever been changed. Same goes for transmission fluid. I've also noticed the "power band" doesn't really start before pretty high revs (over 2500), maybe I should start driving in fourth @ 60km/h instead of fifth(the economy still isnt too good though :D) I rev the car to over 4k revs about three or four times a week (I drive 150-250km a week). I'll try the water trick. Also timing belt was replaced at 186k km. I'm not actually sure if the waterpump was replaced too (At 206k km now). I'm going to read my error codes using the 12V LED trick on OBD-1 soon. I'm not actually gonna use a 12V LED, I don't even understand why it's not 5V, I know the car supplies 5V for the radio.
  7. I'm driving a 1999 GF, 136hp, manual. If I cruise along at low revs(e.g. 30km/h in 3rd) and I slam the gas pedal to the floor, I get an acceleration that jerks. Accelerates fine, huge jerk, continues, repeat. Only goes away if I "slowly" press the gas pedal more and more. Video: Jerking happening, 5th gear, low revs (~1100-1200, cruising), followed by gas pedal pressed to the floor. http://youtu.be/pN2VdVhxWPE The jerky acceleration has been an issue for the past few months Recently there's been a whinning noise coming from the "left" side of the engine block(left as in standing in front of the car looking into it). Only seems to start when the engine is warm. Video: http://youtu.be/xBKjg3deP5M I'm not sure if this noise is related. I was going to post whatever error codes I was getting, but seemingly my bluetooth OBD-II doesn't fit the 626