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  1. I found a place about an hour away that specializes in rebuilding camshafts. The should be done with it on Monday. I ordered camshafts from three or four places in the US, but all told me they were now "nationally unavailable"
  2. I have recently finished rebuilding my Mazda NA engine. It has a new cam, rocker arms and rocker shafts. However, during breakin, it decided to eat up the cam lobes nearest the timing chain. All the other lobes are beautiful, but the intake and exhaust of the first are chewed up about 0.7mm on the cam ramp. I turned the engine over, and oil comes out of all the holes in the little tube in an equal stream. Is it possible that the two holes got plugged, or is it a problem with the camshaft? Also, is there anybody who knows where to buy a camshaft? I can buy rockers from Rock Auto. The camsh
  3. Putting the resistor in will make the computer think it is reading the sensor correctly, and your error code should be gone.
  4. speedracer240sxguy: If you cannot find this part... If you have a wiring diagram, see which wires go to the actual sending resistor. You can stick in a resistor where sending unit's resistor would be and then it will act like it works. I know my Mazda (1980) 626 shows something like 17-109 ohms. So, a 60 or so ohms of resistance would show half a tank, and the computer will never know the difference. Most likely, it has failed due to the pivot connection oxidizing and not letting electricity through. OR...you may be able to repair it as I did. If you remove the unit, you may see
  5. I assume 78-82 hardtop outer window seals are long gone. I am currently trying to adapt some other rubber bits. I am talking about the seal between the door and window, and on the back window, the body and window.
  6. Can I use the door weatherstrip off of a 79-85 RX-7 on my 1980 626 hardtop? I am talking about the seal between the door and the window. From what I have seen, the profile is the same on both cars of similar years, so only the length could be a problem. Is the RX-7 door longer or of equal length to the 626 hardtop door?
  7. No, I meant of the new fan. Rotated provided me with pics of the alternator.
  8. The pin that pokes out is where the distributor gear goes on. The first two pictures are of the cam I am going to put in the engine. The next two pictures are of the original cam. The gear in the next several pictures fits this cam. If you have either type I might buy the gear, but I would prefer to know what the difference is. I know I can have my machinist make a spacer that would get the original type distributor gear to fit the new cam I have and still have the correct spacing. If you can get this part, I would very much appreciate knowing how much it would cost, as I th
  9. I'll try to get you a picture of what I need. I am actually putting a slightly different camshaft in from the original. The original has two nuts, one to hold the cam sprocket, and one to hold the distributor drive gear. The new cam has only one smaller nut on it for keeping the sprock and drive gear in place. I'll have to have my machinist make me a spacer...
  10. Hello, I am looking for a distributor drive gear for a Mazda NA/VC/MA engine. I need the gear that is on the camshaft, not the gear on the actual distributor. It can be used or new, as long as it is not excessively worn or has cracks (as mine did) or any other defects that would keep me from useing it. I would pay with paypal, and shipping would be to the EU. A padded envelope will be fine for shipping, so postage even from America shouldn't be more than $15. If you have such a gear and are willing to sell, please PM me soon. Thanks.
  11. I have an intake and exhaust manifold for an NA engine. All the intake manifold has on it is the PVC valve hole and coolant connection, in adition to all the ports that make an intake manifold an intake manifold. The exhaust manifold is "bald", meaning that it has no oxygen sensors or air injection ports are anything. Shipping to the US would probably be around $100, so if anyone in the EU needs such a manifold, I could get it to them to you relatively cheaply. I have no idea how much I'd sell them for though. Anyone can feel free to PM me if they are interested.
  12. Thanks! At least my starter is an original Mitsubishi, though someone told me it looked a lot like one off a Lada.
  13. Ok. I assumed it wasn't fitted from the factory as I can't imagine why it would have been removed. BTW, my engine is an NA, so a sway bar would be pointless...
  14. I am getting ready to buy rear bushings for the suspension. I noticed that while the Mazda diagram shows a rear sway bar (stabilizer), my car does not have one. With a little immagination I can see that two ends would touch near the "frame", and the other side would be connected to the widget that holds end of the upper trailing arm. The question is this: Do your cars have rear sway bars? My 1985 ZAZ has no rear swaybar and it also has trailing arms, so I don't know what to think. http://www.jimellismazdaparts.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=296817&ukey_make=995&ukey_mo
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