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  1. can anyone give me a answer on this! It seemed my alternator was bad so i changed it.then the car ran fine for 2 days .the battery was charging and everything seemed fine.then the battery drained again and i'm back to where i started.Took out battery had it charged and the battery came back good and also put a load charge on it before putting it back in car it was good. Started car and the battery drained again after 20 minutes or so.My question is can the battery really be bad after the steps that i took. Is something fooling me?I was thinking bad cell in battery but put load tester on it.Someone give me some input please..
  2. tim bones

    Need Help With Alternator Diagnose

    I didn't notice if lights flickers because of daylight.But now that you say it it was hard to see if the car was in drive on the dashboard light.I just had the battery charged and checked it at auto store.It came back good.it said voltage was 13.23..The next thing i'm thinking of doing is looking online for maybe ground diagrams.I really can't do much outside because of the cold.The salt they put on the roads around here definitely could corrode the cars wires.Not to even mention the pot holes are like craters.If anyone has any links for me to look at about grounds or wiring please send them..
  3. tim bones

    Need Help With Alternator Diagnose

    both gauges were jumping.And i noticed the temp. gauge was lower than normal.I just put tester on battery and it's only reading 10.5 volts in off position .My neighbor thinks it might be a ground.Is that possible?
  4. tim bones

    Need Help With Alternator Diagnose

    last week i changed my alternator.I thought that was the problem and everything was fine until today.The car wouldn't start.So i jumped it and it started but while driving to get home i noticed the gauges jumping around when i would put some power on like the the heat.And also i noticed that it wasn't shifting properly like it was stuck in one gear.Does anyone have any input on this..
  5. tim bones

    Need Help With Alternator Diagnose

    i replied to you in the wrong section.read my post at 12:41am.
  6. tim bones

    Need Help With Alternator Diagnose

    Hey snailman thanks for getting back to me! As i have read from other 626 owners there alt. belt squeals.Before my friend attempts to change my alt.in this cold,i was wondering if the belt had a little slack(1/2 inch) in it would that cause my problem mimicking the bad alternator.After i jump it to start it the battery is 12.4volts.Another words should i try and tighten belt first or am i wasting my time.
  7. have new battery and this morning my car was totally dead no power.i jumped it got it running but if i put any power on it stalls.i did start hearing a wining noise yesterday near the alternator.does anyone have any input..
  8. need help with alternator

  9. i have new battery.but car was dead this morning.jumped it stays running until put power on then stalls