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  1. i know its a shot in the dark but since its a K-series engine and i learned my lesson on these after my transplant. the K8, KF and KL engines create a huge pressure on the water system. i had the correct coolant, hoses all correct and it was still pushing out. the problem........a small ZAR65 ($20) fix. there are different pressure rated caps. the most systems run on a 2 to 5 PSi pressure. i replaced mine with the 5 to 10PSI and leak is gone and running smooth. just a suggestion. use it or dont use it
  2. after the post of DJ it got me thinking. well i stripped it out and the result was replacing the relay. well its done and yes......the relay with cables and all fitted back in the cavity left for it and the switch and the wipers are back to 100% working condition
  3. i saw a posting on here posted some time ago. the relay is integrated in the wiper switch. will open the switch tomorrow to check thanks dj
  4. could you please post a pic or info regarding it? this is working on my nerves. if its so i will reroute the wires to fit an external relay if need be. just need an later model wiring diagram any help would be good
  5. this is what i have used. i used my multi meter to test the switch and power on the motor. i replaced the motor as the 1st one burned out coz the 1 wiper shaft seized. i now replaced it and it works but the intern speed doesnt. now may i add the dumb idiots i bought the car from cut all the damn wires and used a toggle switch with 1 speed. i repaired it and now have the 2 speeds but no intern. according to all google and all searching it shows a relay but i can find the damn location of it
  6. i downloaded a wiring diagram for the switch and the motor and tested them all. it works as the diagram states but the intern part toggels my brain.
  7. i am lost, i am looking for the relays that opperate the wipers. i have the 2 fast speeds but the intern speed doesnt work and the wipers doesnt return to the off position when i swith the wipers off. they stop dead. i guess its a relay that is supposed to keep them going till the off posistion any ideas or help on the location of the relays?
  8. ok mate, seems i can help and we kind of in the same timeline. we have plenty of parts for that 626 but getting it to you might be an issue i am in south africa and give me a day or 3 and i can get you a full parts list and pricing
  9. been reading a bit here and i might be wrong as i ride the v6 but my other toy is the FS like yours...... 1. the cranking sound like there is no compression at all. my FS doesnt have solid lifter like its said they do so it might be a drop in oil pressure with no oil going to the lifters causing the valves not to open and close like they supposed to 2. the timing marks might line up but you might be out 180 degrees. suggestion would be to turn the motor till piston number 1 is on top and its on TDC marks. then turn the cams till the valves are on no1 fire ( no rock as people say ) that sh
  10. done all that as well. pc crashed so i wiped all and reloaded. it would have been easier if i could remember the damn password but i cant
  11. not at all i fill in all info then it tells me you must complete the whole form when i redo it says security key is incorrect i give up
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