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    99,626,2.0 16v fs,manual
  1. Great but i got stv 98-02 5gen mazda 626 is that a problem? or they fit any way ? thanks for the help any way cheers
  2. SAFTY FIRST! I whant to drive in that speed some times since its fun. And yes i do it safty On "track" not on the norwagian roads;)i dont get any one killed or kill my self (i can drive).and this cars is as good as in 60mhp as 120 mhp <3mccperson damping system. 60mph is only 26.8 meters pr sec so not so fast.but we are all diffrent and think/feel other ways.
  3. How to take away 120 mph lock? i got like 5000 rpm and its stops @ 200 kmh / 120 mph :/ Mazda 626 99 fs 2.0 16v
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