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  1. I thought you were running 17x7 offset 45 with 215/45-17.
  2. Dear All, I was wondering if you could confirm that 17X7.5 5x114.3 offset 40 or 45 wheels with P225/55R17 tires can be put on our cars without modification or wheel spacer? Thanks.
  3. Yes, you are right, there is a choose sound whenever I press the brake. Without pressing the brake, one can have everything on.
  4. I got another symtom: once brake is pressed, the engine idles rough. Without it, it idles fine. So I assume the brake booster affected the engine and should be replaced. Am I having the right logic?
  5. Maybe I am doing it wrong. I learned that from a bad mechanic then... Anyway, already bought brake booster and master cylinder. I will bleed with engine off this time.
  6. Dear All, Could you help me diagnose a brake problem? My rear brakes are burning red hot and cooking brake pads, so I changed rear calipers, pads, and rotors. Then I was to bleed all four brakes yesterday. Then the following happen. Note: 1. all the wheels can be turned freely before turning on the car. 2. The car has no abs 1. Start the engine. 2. Bleed rear passenger side. Fluid came out very, pressure not enough, not very much fluid coming out. 3. Bleed rear driver side. Fluid came out slowly, pressure not enoguh, not very much fluid coming out. 4. Bleed f
  7. Dear All, I am trying to change my front calipers. But I need to get new crush washers and new banjo bolts. Could you help me with the sizes? Thanks for a lot!
  8. Dear All, Can one remove the exhaust downpipe using only floor jacks and jack stands while not dropping the front crossmember? Or Transverse Member? These two things seems different in the manual but I am not sure which one is in the way. My downpipe is leaking and would like to fix it. Thanks a lot!
  9. I hope you get better soon, DJ. Your videos guided me through many repairs. You yourself personnally answered my questions in the forum. I also benefited from your reply to the others. You have helped the whole 626 community.
  10. If you put the old distributor back on, does it still misfire? If not, then highly likely to be the distributor.
  11. I already bit the bullet and changed the starter yesterday. It starts now. I will take the old one to advances to test if it still works or not.
  12. I just asked AAA to jump it. Still no go. Turning the key drops the voltage to 12.1V. So solenoid clicks but no actual power to the starter? No codes either, so it should not be a sensor.
  13. I just asked AAA to jump it. Still no go. Turning the key drops the voltage to 12.1V. So solenoid clicks but no actual power to the starter?
  14. The abttery is at 12.3V, not perfect. But should be able to start it. I started the car three hours before this happened actually.
  15. Dear All, I believe my car's starter died this morning. It was first cranking with a weak sound, then it stopped. Turning to on has a click so I guess the solenoid is OK. Turning the key gives a black out for a second, but it just won't crank. So I guess it is the starter. Loooking at the factory manual, it seems really not easy. Oil pipe and transverse member. Is it possible to do it without taking these two things off?
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