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  1. 1984-Mazda-626

    Anyone Play Guitar

    I play bass guitar have been playing for 8yrs own shortscale bass - sx 4 string - and ESP B55 5 string.
  2. 1984-Mazda-626

    Timing Adjustment

    timing out by the belt of by the distributor ? each would mean removing the unit and installing back in the correct position
  3. 1984-Mazda-626

    My Project : 1987 Gc Turbo Conversion

    Interesting choice to keep tje stock motor ie fe SOHC you should be able to source a FE DOHC from there as they where released in your part of the world Turbo of a RB26DETT depending on model r32 gtr - t25 - r33 t25 - r34 n1 - t28
  4. 1984-Mazda-626

    How to Change Your Clutch

    Also as to why i removed the strut/whole LHF suspension it may seem like un necessary work etc but beleive me after doing 5+ of these it makes it all that much easier trust me you do the extra work and the job is that much easier.
  5. 1984-Mazda-626

    Polished And Waxed My Gc 626

    Nice gc ! plastic bumpers ftw ! my old gc had crappy steel bumpers.
  6. 1984-Mazda-626

    New 626 Member/owner

    pm replied throttle body boot is the rubber boot straight off the throttle body that leads to the air flow meter.
  7. 1984-Mazda-626

    How To Install A Camber Kit

    you take the camber bolts or adjustable camber tops to suspension place. get them to install it and do a wheel alignment.
  8. 1984-Mazda-626

    Help! Clicking Noise?????

    wheel nuts tight ? checked your sway bar bushes lately ?
  9. 1984-Mazda-626

    New 626 Member/owner

    valve cover gasket - no did you check the throttle body boot like i said to ?
  10. 1984-Mazda-626

    New 626 Member/owner

    Remove the throttle body boot and check for cracks.
  11. I am no criticizing i am just stating the facts. better then saying "try this" "try that" when you yourself have no idea whats causing the problem just sends the person on the other end on a wild goose chase trying to fix the problem
  12. 1984-Mazda-626

    Australian Car Pic Post

    gc has been sold a while ago now now i ride around in a 1991 mazda mx6 turbo www.cardomain.com/id/gotf2tingd pretty crappy but ahwell
  13. Ok, well check the throttle body boot and the resistance of coil for good measure. specs should be in owners hand book.
  14. I doubt things like spark plugs ignition leads would cause this sort of problem Neither would coil reason being coil - either works or it doesnt. if it was to heat up it would die at any given speed not just at the one that the user said it does leads - plugs - they either work or they dont leads/plugs are not effected by heat etc I dont know what your problem is so i wont crap on and lead you in the wrong path. at a guess and mearly only a guess it could be something due to your fuel system