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  1. They do got a few big guys there. I know nothing hit it like some one sliding while stopping because there wasn't any other paint marks or anything that would hint towards it. It really sucks that places can't just be honest with their customers. I would still take my 626 there for certain things if they had just been honest with me.
  2. Snailman nailed it, but it was to no fault of mine. Back in January my water pump went out and it had been really cold, so with no place to work on it without freezing, I opted to have a shop do it along with the timing belt. I had trusted this shop since I started driving, plenty of different jobs on many different vehicles. I get my 626 back the next day, and took a long drive to check everything out. All seemed ok. The next day, as me and the girlfriend are getting the kids in the car to go shopping, she asks me how long I've had a dent in my passenger side fender. I said I don't, and she r
  3. This warm start issue turned into a no start just cranking issue. Had more time recently this past weekend to make sure this beast was going to get me to and from work for the week, as my bike has plys showing on the rear tire. I had a really good feeling that is was the dist, because of the way it had been acting. Got one off a 97 626 from the local salvage yard for 50 bucks. Changed that right away, follow with just cranking. Me and my cousin went through everything. Checking for fuel, spark and air. After a whole afternoon of going through everything we both could possibly think of, I was g
  4. Yeah the weight has to affect gas mileage horribly, and possibly even power wise too.
  5. That poor 626. That's the most gaudy car I ever seen. Very sorry to say that about a 626.
  6. I got a Flowmaster 40 Series Delta Flow. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't want a louder car. Its got a nice, mellow tone while idling and above 3k rpms, which on the highway its tolerable. But the mid range from 2-3k is pretty loud. But the weight difference is pretty significant too. Also if tires are low on tread, that can hurt fuel economy too. I got new Fuzion Touring tires and when I got them put on I saw an increase of about 15-20 miles to a tank. Heres pics. First two are stock, second two are aftermarket. On the inside pics you can see the difference of how the exhaust has to f
  7. I was running an short ram intake, but the filter and VAF was too much weight and caused the plastic elbow to the intake to crack. So I'm back to a stock intake set up. I did compare it to when I had the stock muffler on, and I believe the highest mpg I ever saw with it was 28.3. I usually run 10w40 in the summer time for oil, and 10-30 in the winter. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but for now the muffler it the only performance modification.
  8. I get an average around 34-36 mpg on the highway with my 95 es v6. Of course I did take off that bulky, baffled stock muffler and replaced with a more freeflowing one. my daily drive is a 50 mile trip one way to work. I usually do 80 mph, and I always use shell v-power. I do try and look for other gas stations that do not put ethanol in their premium gas. I feel it tends to give you better mpgs than gas with ethanol.
  9. Now I'm a little more stumped but thinking along a different line. I went to make sure I had everything hooked up, and I did. So I tried starting it, and after it started, my gf came up and said it was making a weird click noise over by the fuse box. So I took each relay inside and pulled it and plugged it back in, and started the car and it ran as if it didn't have any issues two seconds ago. Could this be a sign that one of the relays are bad?
  10. Well, took the cap and rotor off yesterday. The points on the inside of the cap had some corrosion on them. So I cleaned it off, rotor still looks new, since I changed all of that when I bought the car. I let it sit for the night. This morning I went out to start it, and now it'll start and idle for a couple seconds, give a couple chugs then die. If I start it and hold the gas steady at 2k rpms, itll run great, no chugging or bouncing rpms. I'm in the middle of either the distributor or crank position sensor.
  11. Thanks DJ. I got the weekend to try and figure it out, so I'm going to try myself first. If can't during the weekend then its to a shop. need a back up in case it rains.
  12. I' starting to have an issue with my 626, but its hard to pinpoint on my own right now seen as its summer and 99% of my driving is on the motorcycle. The last two times I drove my 626, It started and ran fine up until about a few miles from home after work, a 45-50 mile drive. It kind of started chugging and I noticed as it did this, the rpms dropped to zero and then kicked back up to the engines speed. Since I was close to home the first time, I left it on the side of the road and went to an appointment I had on the cycle. When I returned about an hour later I looked at things and noticed
  13. Started cutting and prepping sheet metal for custom hood and grill

  14. I replaced the spark plugs this weekend with motocraft plus plugs, idle stabled out(still idling about 1000-1200)no more slight bouncing, and the misfire pop sound I had isn't as bad. I have had the car for just about a year and the two things I didn't replace air/fuel wise as routine maitinence are the air and fuel filters. The one spark plug that had the wire barely touching the dist was pretty black and the electrode was pretty much gone(Plugs I had in before replacing this time were Bosch Plat +)
  15. Ok I'll leave the dizzy alone for now. Do you think having the one wire barely hanging on the dizzy may have fouled it out? I'm unsure of how long it was like that, and can't believe the has ran as good as it did until it came off too far.
  16. Yes, both of those analogies make sense. So, when I have the car in diagnostic mode, no adjustment should be made with the car actually running? Just with the key in the "ON" position. May be my whole issue there. I have no CEL on, so my IAC should be good? This morning, after adjusting my TPS, I was going to adjust my distributor(Have a small pop during idle) Is there more than one bolt to loosen, to adjust the dist?
  17. I got the TPS checked and adjusted. Adjustment was a little off but everything else was fine. I'll be tackling the IAC this weekend
  18. When adjusting the TPS, should I have the car running or not? I had the car close to running temp, and tried adjusting it. The engine didn't even shiver. I notice now though, that my rpms don't fall like they use to when downshifting, but its like I still have my foot on the gas when I do it. This was just a quick adjust to see where it went, this weekend I'll do really careful adjustment and I'll probally take the throttle body off the car to better clean it and take care of the IAC.
  19. Alright, I'll be under the hood a while because I have to change the oil, have probally 7-8k on this change. I like sticking around 4-6k. Is there a post on here running through the TPS, idle air cleaning and adjustment? Or do you got a vid on that djd3? I'm pretty good with adjusting the distributor.
  20. You're right djd3, the administrators make the whole site possible, keeping things in order and all that jazz. Thank you administrators. I had to put off testing my TPS, because I had some errands to run this morning before work. I had another issue pop up that really took me by surprise. I was getting on the highway and just getting into the power band after 4k RPMS, and the car started jerking like I had not given it enough gas after shifting. On the way home, it progressively got worse, doing it at lower RPMS, but it would still idle fine with a little bounce in it. Once home, I popped
  21. Awesome, thanks for the quick responses. I understand that elbow, if its cracked and not replaced or repaired can cause idle issues, but I don't think that's causing my problems with the idle, because I wrapped that sucker really good. I'll be replacing that piece for sure with an aluminum piece for a short ram intake. I'll test out my TPS in the morning and post the readings I get so I can get to the next step of getting my idle back to the 600-700 range. This site has been very helpful even with the littlest things, and I love getting replies from more senior members who have been here a
  22. So I'll turn the key to the ON position, then hook up my voltmeter to the TPS signal wire, test closed and WOT? I'll try to get under the hood tomorrow morning and check. If it doesn't check out, how does the TPS get adjusted/calibrated?
  23. will the nice weather stay, so i can mod my ES

  24. Ok, basics first. I'm not new to Mazda's, as I have owned two 85 626 2.0 carbed automatics, a 91 626 2.2 DX 5-speed, 92 Prot
  25. 1996 626 ES MTX 220,000 miles on the body with 199? Ford Probe GT 2.5 V6 160,000 miles
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