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  1. Cel Code P0142

    Did anyone confirm if the P0142 code is just after the Cat? I just got a P0142 code and I want to purchase the correct O2 sensor. Will it reset itself or is this a "hard" code? Thanks in advance,
  2. I just spent a good four hours trying to find out how to troubleshoot and fix an erratic volume control. A few post call it "the radio is on, but no output". Using Google, I found someone that said the connection the volume control makes with the circuit board is dirty and to clean it with contact cleaner or tuner cleaner from Radio shack. Another post said to use WD-40. Simply pull the volume knob off and squirt a very small ammount along the volume control metal shaft and turn the control to "clean" the contacts while it is wet from the spray. I used brake cleaner spray and it worked. Now the radio volume control works and I will have to wait and see how long it continues to work. MJCougler, Rochester NY