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  1. Mazda 626

    Mazda 626
  2. Winterizing

    I live in brooklyn ny going out of town for the winter season want to take battery out of car while im away and put in the house .When i put battery back in will it start does something happen to the computer thank you
  3. i have a 1994 mazda 626 ES manual shift i live in brooklyn ny. Im going away for 3 months jan feb march i was told i could take the battery out and leave it in my house ,when putting my battery back in will anything change or something has to be reset

  4. 1994 Mazda 626 V6

    On the EGR valve i still need to replace it if i could get the sensor part from a junkyard that bolts to the top of the EGR valve looks like 3 screws would that be easy to replace without taken the valve out of the car ,they do not sell that part separate from the EGR valve
  5. 1994 Mazda 626 V6

    thank you for all you advice i will keep ypu posted the car has 112.000 miles still looks good the motor is tight does not burn oil hard to get rid of car yet i bought it new next stop it would be junk yard unless someone needed parts thanks
  6. 1994 Mazda 626 V6

    i got it a different mechanic he found the hoses for the EGR were put back in reverse i guess thats at the vent solenoid and vacuum solenoid from what i read he corrected that also he says EGR valve bad the sad part is i think they call it a sensor it bolts on to the valve with 3 screws they think thats bad you have to buy the whole valve ,also they found a bad i think idle solenoid which there are 3 there going to replace the bad one,im not doing the EGR at this time i can get pass inspection with out it car should run ok thank you i will keep you posted
  7. 1994 Mazda 626 V6

    i don't have that code when i got the oil changed i asked to read the code i had a 02 sensor and EGR i did not get numbers,he said its harder to read on cars before 1996
  8. 1994 Mazda 626 V6

    thanks ill look it up
  9. 1994 Mazda 626 V6

    have a bad code for EGR puller the vacuum hose off car still runs the same also dont feel any vacuum out of vaccum hose,should i be getting vacuum at all times from the hose on the EGR valve
  10. 1994 Mazda 626 V6

    my mechanic says i have i have a bad 02 sensor reading i check the 2 on the left and right side of engine the ones you can see ohm resistance was .007 i think thats what in specs,i read there are 2 other below which i cant see i followed the exshaust all the way down any advice
  11. 1994 Mazda626 V6 5Speed

    They did check that back then even pulled off manifold to check if there was a blockage everything was clean
  12. 1994 Mazda626 V6 5Speed

    well the mechanic look at the car says its the EGR valve ,first off he wants 1050.00 to replace it i think that price is very high.Also when i was at another mechanic he was miss diagnose i had a misfire he replace the EGR valve twice trying to fix it i dont think he ever got the code out Mazda says they rarley go bad.I dont drive alot can a new EGR go bad in 2 years .hes price then was 693.00. The 1050.00 at the other mechnic who is on long island is a big jump the parts house sell it for about 300.00.Can something else cause the EGR valve to give a bad code
  13. 1994 Mazda626 V6 5Speed

    the codes can tell you all that?
  14. 1994 Mazda626 V6 5Speed

  15. 1994 Mazda626 V6 5Speed

    My 1994 mazda 626 runs fine but at 60 to 70 miles a hour engine light comes on not all the times and when that happens i let my foot off the gas a few seconds then give gas and the light goes out any ideas? i have 108,000 mile on it still running good