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  1. actually i never have done one before. wish me luck i guess.
  2. Im actually from utah so im too far. thanks for the offer though
  3. I would rather do it myself then probably but how hard are the seals?
  4. Is there any videos or how to links that you guys can recommend?
  5. maybe I will do it myself but how much does it run to have it done?
  6. this sounds stupid but where is the water pump on the 2.2? I thought it was the one on top but i dont think it is
  7. I really hope im not boned here.. so I am leaking some engine coolant between the oil pan and what i beleive is the crankshaft pulley (Its the main one im not to familiar with this vehicle) anyway there is a square thing just behind the pully and its leaking coolant. can anyone help? I'll try to figure out how to upload a pic.
  8. Im looking to get some more HP out of my car. What can get me the biggest bang for my buck? Without turbo.
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