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  1. Kitty Wells Greatest Hits. Another find in #myrtlebeach #countrymusic #radio #classic #oldies… https://t.co/UMsSGuIsSw

  2. Answer song to the #redsovine classic "Teddy Bear". It peaked just outside the top 50 in the… https://t.co/hvqfvqwBH3

  3. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/NTonJlCMSv Farming on the Cheap buying an old combine

  4. RT @KelemenCari: Southern skies It's precious beauty Lies just beyond the eye It goes running through the soul Like the stories told of old…

  5. Recprd hunting has been good in #myrtlebeach. Picked up this #bobbyrussell 45 at a thrift shop.… https://t.co/eVIwv5tegH

  6. I'm sorry, but @GardenCitySC the wifi at Surfmaster is a complete joke. Sitting on floor by front door, just trying to get a signal.

  7. RT @skylasnow: So awesome 😅and true. #CountryMusic #johnnycash https://t.co/WPaom8gWBn

  8. RT @WLOS_13: Publix officially announces plans for new store in Waynesville https://t.co/m6qWdxzKgB #LiveOnWLOS

  9. @TammyGooGoo most definitely!

  10. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/QVDvPqrheA AFL 1968 Week 09 HL (AFL version TWIPF) video upgrade

  11. @thebootdotcom 7? I only saw 3; Garth, Dolly, & Toby; plus 1 marginal one, Kenny Chesney. Sorry, FGL, Jason Aldunce… https://t.co/o4Kd7ex6sQ

  12. #JohnnyCash - First 25 years 1980(Full show) https://t.co/aLCXzzB6uv via @YouTube

  13. RT @il0veNostalgia: I do I do!..... https://t.co/HLcSrUa3Ul

  14. RT @WVandertie: On this date: 1957 @JohnnyCash records "Home Of The Blues" and "Give My Love To Rose" at Memphis' Sun Recording Studio. htt…

  15. RT @AgDayTV: That's pretty big news: https://t.co/kOY8uCx3Os