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  1. Answer song to Jim Reeves' "Mexican Joe". This was Carolyn Bradshaw's only top ten record.… https://t.co/TZQZmyoLsF

  2. RT @MrsScottBaio: They did not fire Harvey Weinstein because they found out he was a sexual predator. They fired him because we found out!

  3. #Yankees won. Bummer! At least the #RedSox are gone. C'mon #Astros kick some pinstripe tail!!!!!

  4. RT @DK_Coble: Check out the 100 Most Famous Logos of All-Time https://t.co/7dKHjP8FWO via @inkbotdesign

  5. RT @SilverAgeTV: #HappyBirthday to #StephanieZimbalist, best known for her role as Laura Holt in the NBC detective series #RemingtonSteele,…

  6. I found this, last Saturday at voltagerecordsnc in downtown Asheville. 1967 release for Illinois… https://t.co/onpA4eQtgp

  7. Modern pop-country gets bashed a lot, and deservedly so. However, pop and country can be mixed… https://t.co/hx0MnfQFWA

  8. RT @CountryRebelCo: Lynn Anderson was a true talent. She emerged on the scene in 1966 and released her signature song "Rose Garden" in… htt…

  9. #MICHvsPUR If Michigan wins, will the refs get a game ball or do they get extra cash from UM?

  10. RT @willmckinley: Happy 60th birthday to "Maverick" (1957–1962, ABC) https://t.co/4NHYs3n3nU from @mercurie80 #classicTV https://t.co/vvFX7…

  11. RT @FarmOdyssey: Corn harvest came early this weekend with an old-fashioned harvester in Geneseo, Illinois! #horsepower #corn @OfficialRFDT…

  12. #CookOutBBN https://t.co/gPm9FCDeb1

  13. @K_ofDiamondsAVL we did lose tv/internet around 11:30 last night and just got back around 2pm.

  14. RT @CntryHodgePodge: Ugh. #thomasrhett #lifechanges #review #popcountry https://t.co/fPb44PLmQt

  15. Country musician Troy Gentry killed in N.J. helicopter crash - NY Daily News https://t.co/reXqhSkeyM #TroyGentry #MontgomeryGentry