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  1. Ok thanks for your input bud. Any advice on a good clear for the outside Lenz after I wet sand it down?
  2. Damn man that's toast huh? Ok cool. Sorry for my ignorance but how about the level inside that's cool to leave in as well?
  3. How about the wiring harness? Do you just leave them attached??
  4. I have a 97 626 manual that has a chopped downstream o2 wire. I'm looking to splice a new clip on so I can get rid of my cel. Anyone have a clue and can help me????
  5. So I'm thinking I'm screwed. I'm pretty sure you know everything there is to know about these cars so if you don't know then no one will.. I'll have to just trial and error
  6. This is the bottom wire further up behind the block
  7. I originally thought the bottom was a three wire because who ever owned it b4 me had a blk, gray and white so I got a universal wired it up and it worked for a while. I grabbed a four wire from the headers off a car in the junk yard because now I'm showing both are no good. Got home and saw my bank 1 sensor 1 is a 3 wire. It's like my car is a one of a kind
  8. Ok so I have a 97 626 dx mt. My o2 under the car was cut off. It's a 4 wire with a pink purple tan and black. I got a female four prong clip I'm thinking will fit a new o2. My only problem is I have no clue how to wire it up to work with the o2. Does anyone know what the order is?
  9. Ok thanks I guess I'll be heading to the junk yard hoping the clip is on a car still.
  10. Thanks man. I figured it was that one. I put a universal one in because when I got the car there was no o2 sensor there. My problem is that the factory harness was cut before the clip on the car side. So even if I buy one from AutoZone I'm still kinda stuck.
  11. I got a cel and the code it gave me was p0140 and p141. It's for bank 1 sensor 2. Can someone please tell me if this is the top one or the one below??
  12. You can really put a civic shifter on a 626 97???
  13. Wow that's perfect. props on all the extra time it took to take all the pics. I feel like mine is done now haha. Sadly that's not the case. Motivation is back though. Thanks
  14. I'm about to tackle the same job. Can't deal with the smoke any more. I also have a 97. Lazze, did you have to pull the flywheel after all?
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