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    1982 B2000
  1. pishta

    parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    82 was mild compared to the 83 model. My 82 MA B2000 has about 10 vacuum hoses to various smog and thermo gizmos, the 83 b2000 has about 30. I don't know if that part is mandatory for my quest to pass smog as I currently have it disabled and plugged but I may end up needing it. Will know tomorrow when I take it in to get smogged. I milled the head and I'm afraid I milled it too much as it hung up on the oil jet for one and when I got that fixed, I'm afraid the compression may be too high now for egr to mellow the NOx emissions. Smog fail right there.
  2. pishta

    parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    yes, its the larger of the 2 in the back, with the dark black hose coming off the 90 degree bent metal fitting. I think the smaller one next to it was an A/C kicker. If its diaphragm is bad, the car will idle high when you take your foot off the gas, then drop rapidly when the 3 way switch releases the vacuum to the pot. Not fun in traffic in gear as you let off the gas and you keep going for a second, then the car suddenly decelerates under engine drag. Is that a Nikki 2bbl? All ours over here had a large electric choke facing the firewall just behind that spring guard.
  3. I cut my stick shift teeth on an 81 626 sedan with the nicest gray fuzzy interior I ever seen. Mom's car. Car ran great, would buy another if it could pass CA smog which I know most wont. It's not that they are bad motors, it's just that CA has such strict smog readings and the smog parts on these MA motors are impossible to get.
  4. pishta

    parts for sale '81 626 s.e melb

    Hello, I'm looking for the dashpot just behind carb, it touches the carb linkage and sort of eases the throttle down when you get off the gas instead of just slapping it closed. I think it's an emission part over here in USA controlled by the 3 way switch up on the firewall shelf. I think it's called the throttle servo disphragm. Anything like that available off your motor?
  5. pishta

    Head Bolts For Ma Engine?

    You all know that these need retorquing every 12000 miles? Im over on fordcouriercollector and they say they never blow head gaskets if you retorque them every year. News to me, as i blew moms 626 head back in 92 on the freeway...
  6. pishta

    1979 2.0 Pcv

    Check at the intake manifold, right over the manifold water heater hose, its a black metal nut with a metal sleeve pressed onto it that the front valve cover breather goes into. If it rattles when shaken, its still good, just shoot some carb cleaner into it and rinse it out or buy new one. Its just a light zpring loaded check valve.