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  1. Jaz

    How To Recharge Ac System?

    Forgive my noob reply... would an automatic have a clutch? Is it internal? Is the A/C condenser easy to replace? I am mild-moderately experienced with repairs (starters, wiring, suspension, brakes, etc.)
  2. Jaz

    How To Recharge Ac System?

    So... I think I overcharged it or I have a wiring problem, or both. I have a 2000 2.0L 626 automatic, but the guy that owned it before did some crazy stuff to the engine and I have already had to fix two wiring problems, I'm hoping this is just another wire problem..... I charged it like you guys were saying and how the instructions stated, however now every 5 seconds (with the engine running, a/c and vent on high, charger hooked up but only for pressure gauging) it makes a sound similar to the sound a car makes when it's trying to get the engine started. Does that make sense? Here's what I have noticed: - The pressure builds up over 5-7 seconds to 50psi (10 over what it says it should be on the can), does this noise for about 3 seconds while it drops below 30psi and then stops and starts all over again. - If you are facing the engine, the fan on the right now spins (it wasn't before) but the fan on the left still doesn't spin. - The two belts are spinning fine - The noise sounds like it is coming from between the alternator and center of the engine - It still doesn't blow cold air I observed this for about 15 minutes trying to see if I could narrow it down. The fan not spinning makes me think it may be a wiring problem, but I don't know. Any help?