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  1. From two days my car is not leaking water as I drive it 60 miles today and yesterday maybe 5 miles. I think the water leak is due to short trip I made which is hardly 1 or 2 mile, my car remains in cold state so it leaks water. So when I drive my car for longer distance no leak and there is leak for short trips.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I did my front and rear brake sevice 3 weeks ago. And the water leak evaporates from the ground leaving no spot, hence it is not brake fluid and it is water drops for sure. I use to drive my car 65 miles daily before.But now I hardly drive it and everything is within a mile or two radius so I have to only make short trips.
  3. I have 2002 Mazda 626, having 85000 miles. I daily see water leak under rear right wheel.? I see water drops constantly dripping from the muffler. Sometimes I see water spots under the tail pipe but not always. Also I drive my car for short trips.
  4. I just called them and they said its not white smoke it was because of condensation. When last time I saw my car's exhaust pipe it was morning and I just drove 2 miles from my parking to the mechanic and saw white smoke and water. It was pretty cold morning here.
  5. I talked with my mechanic. They didnot find coolant into my cylinder 3 it was fuel due to leaky fuel injector. The previous mechanic thought it was coolant but he also said that he hasnt thoroughly checked it. So according to the current mechanic the white smoke was due to fuel in cylinder 3. They also said that they did overnight coolant presure check and found out it was fine and also they did not find water or coolant leak. They did my headgasket job and they think that my engine is not damaged due to it as I took it to them for repair as soon as I got engine light. They also feel my car is
  6. My car is 85000 miles, which was the only reason I bought this 2002 626. I am going to call them again in an hour and ask them to clear about the coolant leak.
  7. This is my first car and I have no idea about how it works. The exhaust pipe has white smoke and water. They told that they did overnight pressure test and head gasket was fine. There is some problem with injectors.
  8. That's what I thought. But they said the coolant was going into cylinder due to faulty fuel injector and they did pressure test on head gasket and it appears there is no problem.
  9. Thank you for your reply. I first take this car to another mechanic and he thought coil and spark plug wire is bad, then he saw coolant in cylinder 3, so he told me that it might be due to my previous head gasket repair and I was still having the warranty on that repair so I took it to this mechanic. He did fuel pressure test and it was around 35 (unit) and told me that it should be between 60 to 80. Also I noticed when my hood was open, during cold start entire thing under my hood shakes so he says its due to fuel pump. My concern is 3 months before I had huge repair of 1800 covered by warran
  10. Hi all, Greetings. I have 2002 mazda 626 LX 4 cyl automatic with 85000 miles. I bought this car 6 months ago.Before 3 months I had my head gasket blown and I got new timing belt, water pump , spark plugs, thermistor which was taken care by warranty. Also I recently changed my battery and windshield along with right axle and a tire. I got check engine light few days ago with code P0171 , P0303 and coolant was going into cylinder 3. Mechanic told me it was due to faulty fuel injector. Also he said check engine light is due to bad fuel pump and also want to change my fuel filter. I also have oth
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