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  1. People will revert to their old ways under pressure.

  2. If I still hooped, this would be my pregame song. https://t.co/fjir8iDlPi

  3. RT @ianharris: Ya MCM got electrocuted by his Fitbit in the rain. He passed out in the streets while you tweeting "it is what it is" becaus…

  4. RT @KarlousM: I’m the nigga that’s driving the car while your WCW makes Snapchat videos in the car. That’s my elbow.

  5. I have the best girlfriend in the world.😇💍

  6. It amazes me how many college educated adults I see putting the dollar sign after the amount. It’s $3.36 not 3.36$

  7. @JoeBudden lol. Get your guy https://t.co/VbSNsRjmPP

  8. I’m going to retweet this every time that I see it. My girlfriend thinks she’s tough until I start yelling and she… https://t.co/We9UTE2oU6

  9. Showered her in $2s https://t.co/Z39VGnms8B

  10. Ayeeeeeee https://t.co/WN2k8aRsgX

  11. Y’all don’t age well because you hold on to hate and bitterness.

  12. Happy Birthday @lastname_ADAMS 🔫🔌🏎🏦🚬💊♐️

  13. 😭😭😭 I love you too. 🐐 #iDontRepeatMyself #iDontRepeatMyself https://t.co/3upb0nANc8

  14. RT @kaidiggity: @JR_Surg @jayELLcee_ Guilford county ain’t teach us shit lol