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  1. RT @RunnersHigh_x: When I'm ordering food and they tell me my card declined https://t.co/zzt774qfRP

  2. RT @ValeeGrrl: [House Hunters episode] HUSBAND: I'm a freelance hamster trainer WIFE: And I tune harmonicas part-time HUSBAND: Our budg…

  3. @MollyQerim oh Molly...I don't know if my eyes were lying to me, but it looked like you were saying "Lovely Babe" instead of "Lovely Day"

  4. RT @DickHumbler: Did yo man eat? Did yo man shower? Did yo man have a good day? Oh you don't know? But you know who picture he liked and wh…

  5. When you actually read your emails and find out that you don't have class

  6. @ReggieP12 Issues

  7. Thats the best problem to have https://t.co/LxwotFBHyn

  8. .@nahtruestorytho

  9. I want to get out and take pictures of people this week! Hit me up #NCAT #UNCG, I have something special that I want to do! #free

  10. Future A&T Students https://t.co/xKt2OPX59h

  11. RT @kimayad_: "If we had reparations, would you be getting a check?" I can not stop laughing LOL 😂😭 https://t.co/1pGkgcD0iG

  12. RT @TrillestAC: Let's just keep it real, Jeff been carrying the Hardy Boyz forever.

  13. 1991, 1992, 2001, 2010, 2015

  14. RT @sabbbyyyyy__: What kind of devil out here ordering uncut pizza from Domino's https://t.co/xXjgtvM9YS

  15. RT @FoShizzleeee_: Can't relate. I always but this end up against the wall 😐 https://t.co/Q1Qw0Eu8aW