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  1. @tayytayy123 Happy Birthday 🎂

  2. RT @foodhasmyheart: @JuiceThe6One https://t.co/Ywz0XZmvg5

  3. I got some glasses today. I can see. I'm hype https://t.co/u3pPS9UfIy

  4. Fight me https://t.co/M6Kwfn91zV

  5. Running fades in pool for $5on iMessage. Gotta have the cash app.

  6. RT @xpetyinfluence: One semester at Howard will change your whole mindset.... https://t.co/C8Rj36lC6T

  7. Beyoncé would be just a slightly above average woman with a ratchet name if she wasn't a 🐐 singer.

  8. Just touched down in DC

  9. UNC fans are tighttttt https://t.co/yuUdXebVrQ

  10. RT @lastname_ADAMS: When did the second half of the caption occur? https://t.co/HTcbA8uQu2

  11. @ColvinWorld9 yerp

  12. Your photographer is some shit. But you 🔥 https://t.co/wfiueU8mPH

  13. RT @KIINGROJO: Lmao the real question is why was you listening to Joe Budden 😂 https://t.co/oqtvV3dWDP

  14. PARKING. PARKING. PARKING. https://t.co/IwzAMC34mV

  15. #NCAT parking is trash. There is no way around it. Paid for a parking deck pass and couldn't get in on multiple occ… https://t.co/SVtFhNwth8