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  1. @nahtruestorytho Hehehehehe

  2. Oh my God https://t.co/Y14bAkVTLn

  3. RT @GoHard_Brown: College discussion board: Jim: 2+2=4 Me: Wow Jim I totally agree. I like how you added the 2's together and got 4, very…

  4. Yall better put some respect on our name https://t.co/rdwnTKcos0

  5. My grandma just showed me this picture of a guy and said "This was almost yo grandaddy" I'm distraught

  6. RT @ReggieP12: Idk if people consider Drake a rapper or pop artist or whatever ... I just know he is the best at what he does. Dude doesn't…

  7. RT @JordanPeele: The Sunken Place means we're marginalized. No matter how hard we scream, the system silences us.

  8. weak https://t.co/K3o9BAcDdM

  9. @HeardstheWord Raw Dog or Naw Dog

  10. RT @iAintAsianTho: The stare down + slow tail wag at the end leads me to believe this was premeditated and thus fulfilling for this tiny lu…

  11. RT @curatedbymike: imagine raising a child only for him to become grown and do this https://t.co/AeoTObtfKm

  12. Having a bad day? Just check out this video of Aubrey barking in her sleep. https://t.co/yKR5WZoUud

  13. @NoyahKing @DrLove_12 damnn. Somebody was standing on the damn catwalk to take this picture

  14. My girlfriend is mad..guess I am eating som...nvm

  15. Me after watching "Get Out" and a white woman speaks to me https://t.co/ALFHZX9FNe