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  1. Sheeesh https://t.co/cP8IDjRbcE

  2. You already know we been through it lol https://t.co/Ci9habgL5S

  3. RT @JaysonWasHere: UNO is a fun drunk game. But it takes zero skill.

  4. RT @chancetherapper: Please watch the Minion https://t.co/30pqNyFBji

  5. RT @HaHaDavis: Don't Call me !!! I'm on 2K18 https://t.co/ECT5qFn9ri

  6. @jayELLcee_ Not excites my eggs lol

  7. Anything that is said/done and then taken back/removed means to me that you didn’t mean it originally

  8. RT @JoeBudden: Only pregnant ppl “wash it down” w French fries 😂 https://t.co/9om1Dl7TIq

  9. I’m going to only tweet via text with 0 notifications on

  10. RT @006Semajbond: This brought tears to my eyes. https://t.co/MGxsQSl4Te

  11. RT @LilLarceni: Ya girlfriend will suck on ya neck then pick you up the next day like "who tf gave you that hicky!!"

  12. I’m trying to start a 10 team PPR league. $10 buy in. Winner takes all. Through Yahoo so it’s no funny stuff with the money. #ncat #uncg

  13. RT @MrMcGurst: My goodness 😭 https://t.co/yOvPvEG7I1

  14. RT @C_obain47: Imagine paying $60+ for a hoodie and a woman thinks she can take it https://t.co/Fl2UZ0kGnl

  15. Buddy that was just getting packed out on Phillips Ave near Subway, I hope you feel better.