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  1. *to https://t.co/6EwKh49fCI

  2. Yea...you got got https://t.co/gMilWGS8R7

  3. Paid all of my bills, got a haircut, bought my girlfriend some new underwear AND I still have $50. #AintItABlessing

  4. I’m convinced that y’alls girlfriends don’t love y’all.

  5. @AppleSupport my phone was off of the charger for 2 minuets. It dropped this much. https://t.co/kxqeDHEjs0

  6. I deleted all of my tweets. #AintItaBlessing ?!

  7. The jokes are definitely funnier than the truth lol

  8. RT @kofi_233: T bag? He did that shit https://t.co/c5Sp2NDfV6

  9. I’m boycotting A&T until they release the name of the mf that thought a noose would be funny to hang up. That is ri… https://t.co/PKzklSbCFI

  10. RT @jayELLcee_: That "I already ate" cuts deep. Betrayal. Disloyal. Selfish.

  11. #OuttaHereDecember9th https://t.co/j5ZnFr17aR

  12. I just low key got offended when I sneezed and my dog didn’t make sure I was ok

  13. #wcw https://t.co/tJO9eQvdvH

  14. RT @Word2MyYankees: You turn your back on your girl in bed she think y'all broke up