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  1. 😂😂 https://t.co/hyRdiUMyXW

  2. Damn b https://t.co/s9Fb5lXS6S

  3. @_captainhook ...text me fam

  4. RT @Followthelila: When you tryna take a nap but she wanna argue https://t.co/NdhPqwNxp7

  5. RT @JayDubya_: Signs of #InadequateFathering 1. Having 2 teams in the same league 2. Touching food on a grill that aint yours 3. Leak…

  6. RT @fruitandvodka: psa: it's okay to put your happiness first

  7. https://t.co/TN8MuNOlN6 Support black businesses. Donate. Leave feedback.

  8. RT @nellychillin: In light of the XXL freshman cypher coming up, let's remind the TL of the best freestyle ever spit on XXL https://t.co/nz…

  9. RT @Damnjayyy: Marriage is such a goal for me . A healthy & loving marriage, with someone who is my best friend .

  10. RT @OMG_ItsKhairy: Ayo @chanelwestcoast You owe @cthagod an apology. He was right lol https://t.co/jw7OiiO90F

  11. RT @DGBastard: "In the future other niggas playin football wit your son" - JayZ https://t.co/2SLDWqKq0d

  12. RT @iRejectSlimHoes: Now y'all wanna talk about black love when 2 days ago y'all wanted to be in a pool wit a foreign man https://t.co/5eeW…

  13. I'm weak as hell https://t.co/oONMKHYVAY

  14. I'm weakkkk https://t.co/F76SPlR9fR

  15. RT @ahleeshaRanae: What's wrong with being married in our mid-late 20s? 🙃 if y'all love each other and know you not going anywhere, why the…