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  1. Yeah, I just put it on fresh air and let if force the warm air through the car right now.
  2. For Sale. 1991 626 LX hatchback. 196,xxx miles, manual transmission. A couple dents, a little rust, runs and drives fine. Tires have 75%. Interior is showing it's age, but no tears in the seats and no cracks in the dash. Sunroof works with help and power windows are dodgy. I bought the black 1990 DX to swap the manual windows and to have a spare engine and transmission. The parts car goes with it. HVAC system stopped working and I haven't yet figured it out, the A/C worked before the issue. Wanting to switch gears on projects and start getting serious with my Impala. Was my daily driver and ne
  3. My 1991 hatchback has a VIN starting with JM1GD, built in Hiroshima, Japan. My 1990 sedan has a 1YVGD VIN, built in Flat Rock, Michigan.
  4. Ahhh, how I miss my '86. My favorite body style 626 by far.
  5. 106,xxx miles! I wish, I am about to roll 186,000 in a couple weeks. It had 156,xxx on it when I picked it up last March, luckily it's miles are easy interstate commute miles.
  6. Totally screen shooting this for future reference. Thank you!
  7. Yeah, Wikipedia shows the 626 not being assembled in Michigan until 1993.
  8. When I bought my '91 hatch almost a year ago, I told my wife that I would never get rid of it. Having owned a few 626's in the past, I instantly fell in love with the hatch. I am going to try and keep it going for as long as physically possible.
  9. And I ripped those damn wheel covers off the second I pulled it off the trailer and put them in the trash.
  10. Yeah, I will snap some pictures as I go and post them on here step by step. As soon as it gets above freezing here anyway, 4+ more inches of snow today.
  11. Well that explains that! I have the hatch! +1 on the wheel covers, I don't know why anybody would put those ugly things on their car.
  12. Says made in the U.S.A. right on the door sill. Windows, regulators and door panels are getting swapped first, then parts as needed. It can't be titled so it will never legally see the road. Runs pretty decent with 240,xxx miles on the clock and a duct taped mess of an intake hose.
  13. Got it! I am actually surprised to see a 1YVGDxxx vin number on it. I didn't think any GD 626's were assembled at the Flat Rock plant, I always thought it was just MX6 and Probe until 1993. This one is a 1990, but my 1991 was assembled in Japan with a JM1GDxxx vin.
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