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  1. I would be careful with that leak and fix it first. My valve cover was leaking a year after I replaced it and it caused my alternator to overcharge, fry the ecu and some other things. So fix the leak first or immediately after you replace the alternator.
  2. I drove the car to work the other day and cel went away and hasn't come back. No tach still, but I shift by sound and feel of the engine anyways. Im going Wednesday to pick up a window switch for it.
  3. I think so too since my courtesy door lights don't work, but the dome light does. My driver side window won't roll up either so I need to figure out if the switch got fried or the motor. I need to track down the wiring for all this. Anyone have a diagram?
  4. Ok so checked the codes and got p1794, pcm battery direct power circuit. I haven't took it out for a drive yet, so I'm not sure if the other gauges work yet.
  5. I got the new ecu in today and it fired right up. The tach isn't working and i have a CEL now.
  6. I found one on car-part.com for $88 shipped. Now its the waiting game...
  7. I appreciate you checking for me snailman. Dj its klg2-18-881B, KLL8 ecu. The ones for a fs are easy to find and cheap on ebay, the ones for the kl...not so much. I found some on car-part.com, I just need to call and see if they will ship.
  8. That would be awesome! Just let me know if you do and I'll PayPal you the money.
  9. I live in NC. If you have one that will work I'll take it. Just shoot me a price with it shipped to 28606. Will a 96 one work on a 97?
  10. Update: I soldered a piece of wire on the broken spot and plugged it in. Check engine light came to life! ......then a sizzle and smoke from ecu. Guess its time for a new one. I opened it back up and found a blown capacitor near the break from before.
  11. I don't know much about electronics but this spot under the large capacitor sticks out to me. The back side has the same weird green spot.
  12. So looks like the ecu isnt getting power or is fried. I'm not sure how to check if it has power though. Anyone have a klg2-18-881B ecu
  13. I went through all the relays and fuses with the multimeter and it all checks out. The only one I was suspicious about wad the st cut relay, but that looks to be for the starter and does crank over with it in. Watch "Mazda 626 relay test" on YouTube Mazda 626 relay test:
  14. I have a charger and it is very handy. I tried starting it and still no luck. I'll go through all the fuses with the multimeter. Are there any fusible links or anything else I should check other than both fuse boxes? As for the battery it got boiled and shot acid out. Its all over under the hood, but didn't do while I was working on it. The battery didn't bulge on the sides, but a little on the top. Dang thing was $120.
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