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  1. Depending on your vehicle, it's also good practice to cover the ECU if it's in the engine bay.
  2. I miss not being able to tag on these forums. Sorry for the late reply. Exhaust manifold 16-21 foot pounds. Intake is 14-19 foot pounds. So not a lot
  3. That's actually in quite good condition. Still, chief is right - RTV if in doubt. I made the mistake of replacing the gasket with a cardboard one on my carb model and it leaked... badly. Mind you the surface was quite pitted in parts. Good luck!
  4. We can't be too far behind. A third of the population is over 65 and another third between 50 and 65. The list you mentioned seems strangely familiar to here as well (even the local police don't obey traffic laws!)
  5. It's hard being in charge. I too fell victim of blurring the boss/friend boundary. Bosses that don't relate to their employees are seen as cold and productivity suffers, but those that are too warm can often be taken advantage of. Hard balancing act.
  6. Hey, Port Mac isn't THAT bad on a national scale...
  7. That's unfortunate Leev. Were the late drivers simply not remunerating the store? Hope things improve for you mate.
  8. I'm just jealous... we don't have kerbs here!!
  9. We've moved house and surprised that in the middle of nowhere we're eligible for an NBN service (for non Aussies essentially a government broadband network that uses 4G LTE in my case). I've never had a 15Mbps upload speed before in my life!!
  10. If the engine (and outside temperature) is cold, that's normal. Seconded. The ECU is simply enriching the mixture to allow smooth cold operation.
  11. Wow - good vacuum you have! On my GCs the turbo is usually around -18 and the carb a little worse at -17 - but then again it has buttloads of vacuum lines running everywhere and a slight leak in the butterfly. Mentioned that every GD I've owned idles @ -22, and if it dips below -19 I'm checking for leaks. I said to do some research, as I'm not an expert on MS3s, but I know my vacuum. MFW someones vaccum is off by 10Psi.
  12. Don't go that far Just a love of the 626... plenty of distance covered in them. My carb model is still waiting for a facelift but moving house has kind of muted that move.
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