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    2001 Mazda 626 V6
  1. texasmazda626

    Still can't find High pressure AC hose for 2001 Mazda 626

    Yeah, I don't understand that. I guess I'll try to get a new aftermarket 97 or 03. Thanks!
  2. I had posted once before about not being able to find a high pressure hose AC hose for my 2001 Mazda 626 2.5 ES. I have scoured all aftermarket parts and have only found one used one in poor shape at a local junk yard. I have all other new parts for my AC other than this hose. I don't understand why it's so easy to find an aftermarket Discharge hose for the 2.5 626 for the 93-97 years. They are everywhere. Yet Mazda and all the aftermarket companies stopped making the one for years 98-2002. Why? Was there a problem with this hose? Would it be possible to modify one from the 97 2.5 626? I don't understand why all other years are available other than 99-2002. The one on my car is sure to be full of junk the compressor spewed out when it froze up. Too bad I didn't keep my 1997 626! I guess the main question is can a part be rigged from other parts or vehicles? G Venable
  3. Thanks, that makes me feel better since I have already found two of these used. I already have the new o-rings.
  4. Hi Guys, Running into a problem trying to fix my AC. I am replacing most parts and Mazda no longer makes or sells the AC High pressure/discharge hose and no after market sellers have one either. I have found a lot of misleading ads and when I called the companies they told me they don't make the discharge hose for the 626 and that the ads were wrong (UAC, Four Seasons, and one other all told me they only make the suction line) Any one have any experience with this? If I have to get one at a junk yard any chance at all it won't leak? Almost all the cars I find have over 100K miles on them. G Venable 2001 626 ES 2.5 177,000 miles
  5. texasmazda626

    2001 626 manual transmission has cracked exhaust manifold

    Update: Since my converter was only four years old and the hole wasn't bigger than a dime we were easily able to weld and patch without removing. Now to see how long it lasts. All I need is a couple of years! Gay V
  6. texasmazda626

    2001 626 manual transmission has cracked exhaust manifold

    I'm going to talk to my car guy tomorrow. He does a lot of custom work but it comes down to whether that actually saves money in the long run. I'd hate to get a used one, and even then most come of AT and not manual transmission. I just replaced this four years ago but a radiator leak damaged it unfortunately. Didn't know a 5-speed was going to be such a big problem!
  7. texasmazda626

    2001 626 manual transmission has cracked exhaust manifold

    I have a dumb question..everytime I look up those part numbers you listed it says "California". Is is possible only CA has two different parts for auto and manual transmission? In other words every time I google manual transmission and my car model/year it also only pulled up California parts #'s for manual transmission. Is there any hope at all of finding an aftermarket part? I've been researching for two days and as long as I don't look for manual transmission parts I can find plenty with good prices. I will call another local dealer tomorrow. Gay V.
  8. texasmazda626

    2001 626 manual transmission has cracked exhaust manifold

    Thanks. The local dealer told me they no longer sell this part. He did say he didn't "think" it mattered whether it was for a manual or automatic. I may call one other dealer to confirm. Also should have stated it's a 2.5 V6 liter engine.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm having a problem finding an aftermarket exhaust manifold/catalytic converter for my 2001 626. It's a manual transmission. Do they require a special fit for the catalytic converter? I can't find any listed specifically for manual transmission but I already got two replies from websites that told me their cat would not fit a manual transmission. Getting ready to call Mazda, but can't afford their part I'm sure.I see Cats for radiator side and firewall side. I know it's not the rear as it's the one in the front that has a hole. Gay V 2001 Mazda 626 9 years 170,000 miles
  10. Just an update. It was a burst pressure hose. They fixed it for free and said they should have caught this when they replaced the power steering pump. I still have a whining that they say is air which will work out with time and they told me to keep looking for leaks just in case. Thanks again for all the advice.
  11. I just managed to get it there with very little smoke coming out of the engine. I avoided the short cut with more turns. : ) It looks like there may be more than one leak but it's definitely not oil. I will have them check everything you said above. Although I really like my car guys sometimes I think they have the "B" team working on my car since my repairs tend to be smaller. Thanks again for all the help. I should have joined this group long ago since I've only had Mazda 626's since 1997. The first four cylinder went 200K. For some reason I'm doubting I'll get that out of the V6. Time will tell! 97 Mazda 626 LX 200K 2001 Madzda 626 ES V6 117K
  12. Yes, the pic is slightly different than my car but the leak is definitely down closer to the exhaust pipe. The fluid looks low (as far as I can tell) But the main thing is I just tried to drive it and the power steering is completely gone. So something's not right obviously. The drive to my shop is about 15 minutes away..think I will be okay driving and stopping now and then when it starts to smoke? I just had the car towed last week for the water pump. I'd hate to make another claim on my insurance and they really don't like you to be towed unless the car isn't drivable or won't start. At least there's not a lot of traffic on a Sunday.
  13. Will do that today. Could that cause the grinding sound when I turn to the right? It's not a CV boot sound though I know the loud "humming" I'm getting on all turns could be caused low fluid. Definitely a puddle under my car - closer to the right and the enigine - not coming from the radiator. Thanks for the input, I will go do more research.
  14. Thanks for the fast reply. I know it's not coolant..after going through two overheatings due to two leaking overflow tanks, I'm familiar with that smell and what the fluid/steam looks like. They asked if I wanted the water pump replaced but I didn't have the extra $$$ so I told them no. Shortsighted I know as the water pump only lasted another year. The leak seems to be coming from the right of the engine (although at first the smoke was coming profusely from both sides at the the top of the hood)..at least that's what I saw under the car. Will take it in on Monday, hopefully, the rubbing/grinding sound when turning is nothing major...maybe just a hose from the power steering pump. The smoke is whitish is just freaking me out quite a bit. I did stop a couple of times on the way home so that it would stop smoking and cool off. Good times.
  15. I've spent 3K on my 2001 626 V6 in the last year. 118K miles I've replaced: Harmonic Balancer, timing belt and cover, radiator, overflow tank (twice), and had two oil leaks fixed. A week ago I had a bad water pump replaced right before it fell apart and I had leaking power steering pump too (had no sign that was bad) My car engine started smoking today and I thought I smelled burning oil. The power steering is making a loud humming noise and a grinding sound when I turn to the extreme right. The smoke seems to be coming from the right hand side around and down below the engine area. I have been going to the same car people for 15 years and trust them...they've already done me a huge favor by taking 300 of the last repair. I was also told I had an oil leak which would require tearing the engine apart but have had no oil pressure lights etc. In fact right now none of the lights are on, and it is not overheating in spite of the smoke. I am out of money. Could power engine fluid smell like oil if burning? I am actually hoping they screwed up as they always make it right when they do. I am not a Do it yourself person. Stressed in Texas