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  1. a freind of mine will build you some to your specs, prices start from $459 NZD, you can contact them on their trademe acc, or through their website http://www.oldscoolautos.co.nz/
  2. ive just noticed that i may have posted this in the wrong section if a moderator could move it, that would be great.... yes its on trademe, lots of views, hardley any interest... from my 3 years of ownership trawling the web on coupes, ive come to the conclusion that after my build, this will be the best rx626 coupe in the country... plenty of 4 doors, very common build here.
  3. -13b Bridgeport turbo -mint series 5 block -low km series 6 housings -3000km on rebuild -mint series 5 gearbox -Microtech LT10s & x4 -mint series 5 turbo with custom steam pipe exh manifold -all alloy on motor is polished minus inlet manifold -polished bellhousing -front mount intercooler (fits behind grille-just!) -550cc injectors -series6 rx7 fuel pick up and pump inside custom 90'ish litre all alloy custom drop tank, not quite finished -semi de-loomed engine bay -side mounted motor straight to factory crossmember- fc3s style (not mounted on front cover) series 5 front struts & 5 stud hubs with 4pot calipers, custom adjustable lower arms, these have given my car quite an excessive track on the front, so ive had to flare the car to accomidate. Am waiting for a friend to change the offsets on the front to be more 'inside' the flare, and on the rear increase the offset and ad an inch or two -rear monroe gas shocks in rear with lower springs (nice n firm) -redrilled to 5stud driveshaft loop standard diff panel & paint 90% bare metaled by me and resprayed to a very high standard as im a qualified car painter. NO rust, all cut out and replaced... the car is still in pieces as ive just finished restoring it.. - you can see my wifes '04 mazda atenza (6) in the background... keeping it real
  4. everytime i search ebay australia i end up finding your green coupe! i also own a 626 coupe 13bt in new zealand... would love to hear and see more pics
  5. hi guys, found this site via google on my search for the ellusive 'L' version of the rwd 1970-1982'ish 626's! no luck so far, maybe someone could shed some light? im in new zealand and own a 1981 626 coupe, its heavily modified running a 13b bridgeport turbo engine with a heap of after market goodies... keep up the good work team Jade.
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