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  1. thanks dj, i started with 80 on the spoiler and it was a lil excessive. ive been using 220 in between my coats of primer, and its coming out stunningly in my opinion. i just started this morning around 8 and waiting on last coat(4th) of primer to dry. getting the gloss black prepped to start spraying. ill try to get some pictures up once im done. and as far as the dash i painted it in the car. i got down to just the dash and started to see just how much a pita is was gonna be to remove it completely i decided to mask off as much as i could even the seats and steering wheel to keep the vinyl paint from ruining other parts. it was a bit tricky and i did two really thin coats and one medium coat. stil looks good, ppl think i armoral it every day or something till they see the dust on it lol. overall the project has been fun, and relaxing a bit. plus my wife doesnt nag me being in the garage all day on my days off. i cant wait to start ordering my parts for the engine and exhaust. after research and diagnostics my rings are going out so im gonna have to tear the motor apart but yet another portion to add to. going to be fun hopefully by the end of marchish she will be good for another 175k with just general upkeep
  2. well this weekend im going to start sanding and filling then sealing the car... started noticing rust spots through out the car (doors, hood, trunk lid) gotta do something before it turns into a worse problem.. so the question is what grit sand paper should i start with? i figured a rather course grit to metal and plastic start body filler and work my way up to a really fine grit. then several coats of primer sealer. but thoughts on what i should start with? btw ill be using a orbital palm sander and a portable belt sander for the roof and big flat sections if that will make a difference
  3. thanx for the comments on the dash. a good cleaning of it with simple green and windex.3 coats of good adheasion promoter(3m), and four coats of gloss black vinyl paint. prep is the key to a good paint job. as far as the interior cleanliness its not as clean as it appears, but typically i use a vacume and my wifes lil carpet shampoer with solution and stain remover. i was going to do the doors as well on the paint but i didnt realize they were vinyl as well so i cleaned em and when i get back from xmas vaction those will be next and maybe new liner for the cloth section. any ideas on what material to use on the headliner its drooping horribly so i figured id replace it with a black material or even carbon fiber lmao... hahah eating hondas. i dont race or even attempt it. i drive about like a granny. that 500 miles amonth commute for work kills budgets lol. but i do dispise hondas.
  4. at least its just a pen lol
  5. 96626AK

    Mikes 96 Lx Show Car Build

    well i figured id start a build thread. over all goal is daily driver/show car with some mild performance mods.... ie. intake, exhaust, tune, and flashy engine components current mods painted dash components, cheapo hub cabs, and thats it. future mods: the 5th gen sway bar and bushings swap, tinted head lights and tail, about a 2 inch drop on powder coated springs(havent decided which ones), possibly a body kit depends on what the wife wants, or if i can pull off a retro fit ww lip kit to it, powder coated steering components, powder coated valve cover, intake mani, and possible headers. i may go with some mazda 6 wheels or just some 17s if i can find em for the right price, looking further into brakes right now, and ive thought about switching the analog guage cluster to a full digital display i did it with a 85 bronco II i should be able to pull it off with this, a hyper metallic black paint job. most of these should be completed by march or april we shall see how the budget goes. for now heres some pics for ya. this is what ive got done on the interior. correct me if im wrong but i believe our door panels are covered with the same vinyl material as the dash correct? and i was scared i was going to break the rear section of the center console and started to run out of prep materials ill get to that soon i hope. the out side with my cheap autozone hubcaps.
  6. well so i thought i did, it only loaded one
  7. well i got a couple pictures
  8. junk yard trip is coming up after the holidays. and i will get on the pictures when i get a new camera.
  9. first of all hi to the community. ive had my lil 626 for about 2 years now and its got about 173k on the odometer. i recently got away from my 01 eclipse spyder and the money hole that was,(way to expensive of a project), so we are going to play with this thing. after reading for about a week now looking at random builds, faqs etc. learning lingo. i figured id put up something about my plans and try to get some advice, and pointers, and who knows maybe find some people in my area that would maybe hang out drink a few and help. well here are my plans, phase one: clean up the interior, paint plastics,(im not a fan of the tan/beige) peel the horrible tint job that previous owner put on off, finish doing a thorough tune up. thus far i have pulled the MAF, throttle body, and egr to clean up. did spark plugs a while back and injector clean as well. Phase two: pull the engine (i pulled the valve cover and its in def need of a inside out cleaning and gasket set). i would like to be very budget friendly on this so i may just do upper and lower gaskets, water pump, and mild machine work and get valve cover and intake mani(if i cant find an aftermarket one for a decent price) powder coated. start suspension work all four corners, shocks struts, sways, tie rods, drag links, etc. get it as close to new as i can. im focusing on oem for now, shocks i would like to upgrade. seen a few that everyones done havent found a place to get them yet. a set of springs would be nice too but again havent found anywhere that has em. Phase three:swap seats out to the mx6s love the way those look in the builds ive looked at. start doing some more appearance mods, ie; interior lighting, system, paint, and continue to find more stuff that i can get from a junk yard from the compatible cars. Phase four: start perfomance mods as i find them and collect nessasary data and other R&D that i need before i start. bouncing the idea of swapping out to mtx, maybe go boosted, who knows. but if anyone has info or suggestions im all ears :) thanx.
  10. 96626AK

    Nc Loner

    im in between sanford and fort bragg, just started pulling my interior pieces out to paint. theyll be done probably tuesday or monday but in march im pullin motor, getting machine work done to block and head with valve job, and putting all new gaskets through out. as well as suspension on all four corners, probably a trans cooler, and debating on converting rear brakes to rotors. and ill probably stop there for a little while. till the wife starts working then slowly tweak the motor, still researching exhuast set ups.