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  1. What I was referring to was the inner portion of the tail light. That should match up regardless of what year the car was made (provided it's for a hatchback)
  2. Would I be correct in guessing that the inner part is the same throughout production of the gd hatch? I know the early models had different outer coloring than the later ones, but the bulb holding bit should match up I think
  3. Right now its just the inner tail light piece I'm looking for. What we need now is MonoxideChild to come confirm/deny that the sedan inner fits the hatchback
  4. Does anyone have the inner drivers side tail light piece?
  5. Depending on what I wind up doing with mine I might be able to help you out
  6. I might've found another option with regard to brakes. A company called kvr makes a cross drilled rotor and carbon fiber pad set for 327 bucks. Has anyone heard anything about the kit?
  7. I'll have a look at the eBay ad when I get home. With regard to the coilovers, as much as I'd like to have a look, probetalk isn't letting me open the page as I am not a member and don't have 15 posts lol
  8. Desperately need the rear tail-light covers. Would honestly be willing to take one thats a different color just so the car can pass a safety. Would also be open to purchasing any rebuild parts (gaskets, bushings, seals etc) or coilovers setups that people may have lying around
  9. So the brake parts list would look something like Mazda 6 rotors, calipers, pads Mazda 6 brake master cylinder Brake lines (price permitting stainless steel ones) Did I leave anything out?
  10. Would it also be worth getting a new master cylinder and stainless steel brake lines if I swapped the brakes?
  11. What all gets changed out by switching to the Mazda 6 brakes?
  12. Alright. So is it even worth taking the block in to get cleaned at all? I've been reading up on how to do it yourself and it seems more time consuming than anything. As for the mazda6 brakes, I have a feeling it would be rather difficult to locate a wrecked one to pull the parts off. Would taking the brakes off a newer 626 provide any improvement? I know that there are aftermarket parts for those and there are always a few at wreckers around town
  13. Alright. So obviously due to the site being down (it was for me anyways) I haven't been able to post the build parts list until now. Bear in mind I've never really rebuilt an engine of my own, so I may be missing parts or have things I don't need included. Complete gasket set New head studs New engine mounts New spark plugs/wires New thermostat Timing Belt New valves/valve springs Alternator Oil pump Radiator Intercooler Turbo Hardpipe Intake/Intercooler lines Custom downpipe Water Pump Distributor Rebuild Fuel Pump Bearings Forged Pistons (these come with rings) New fan C
  14. So getting an LSD is a good idea. I am kind of surprised that the engine has the potential for so much torque. Never thought a 4 cylinder could manage that. With regard to my budget I'll have my rough parts list together this afternoon and will be able to see if there's room in the budge for the now awesome sounding LSD
  15. That is a pretty convincing argument. I haven't really dealt with fwd extensively so I wasn't aware that traction was that big an issue. I'll have to price out my build before I can see if I can fit the LSD in just because there's no point in ordering it only to find out I'm missing other more essential parts (this makes sense in my head lol)
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