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  1. I'm a Jayhawk for life and still rather have Bill Self as our coach. #kubball

  2. @thurrott in the server admin world we call that "gaming time"!

  3. When will they start calling the forearm push off on Motley. He does it everytime. #kubball

  4. RT @dgrantkake: Wow. Tremendous. #kubball https://t.co/pWLa0FwXFv

  5. @winchester trying to make a claim for bad ammo, but the form on your website will not submit. All required fields are complete. Please help

  6. @lisaworm https://t.co/bsDUtd7kNe

  7. It's on! https://t.co/NPDUdPSv7v

  8. Refs have swallowed theor whistles on the K-suck and of the court. Mason was mugged and no call. #kubball

  9. Threeatislav Mikalleyoop #kubball

  10. Of course, but I want to watch and planned my day as such. https://t.co/QS1nQilYTY

  11. RT @1DavidClarke: #security 10 Best Password Cracking Tools Of 2016 | Windows, Linux, OS X:https://t.co/xYcbqHaFPf

  12. @lisaworm https://t.co/sSyCf7YWk8

  13. To think, #kufball fans were calling for @CoachClintBowen to be fired last year. Defense has been solid all year, Coach Bowen should be HC

  14. RT @johnmarkskiles: Don't combat Hate with Hate. Pray for Trump. "Without wise leadership, a nation falls;there is safety in having many ad…

  15. RT @NurdRage: Terrible that remembering those who gave their lives for democracy is overshadowed by those who don't respect it. #Lestweforg…