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  1. Why is our defense so chippy towards Mayfield? #kufball

  2. Over-running the play is on the coaches. #fundamentals #firethemall #kufball

  3. @jeremycamp what happened to the Nov 19th show in Destin? We were looking forward to seeing the show.

  4. And secured Beatys job for next year. #kufball https://t.co/5UPhc1auxX

  5. @DaShark5150 Great way to #renewtheborderwar without affecting the season. #ShowdownforRelief #kubball

  6. Blow outs are the besf time to see what the 2nd & 3rd string players can do. #freeStarks #kufball

  7. @helmsey_mhelms play by play guy got it right. Said kicker was 6 of 7 before kick, after kick he says 6 of 8.

  8. Are there any up and coming defensive minds we can sucker...I mean persuade to come to KU? #kufball

  9. Truman the Tiger was found this morning hiding in a KU fans car.… https://t.co/ZGJ8W26w3K

  10. RT @bigvox: The Bible teaches us to love people and hate sin...not love people and justify sin

  11. RT @TEN_GOP: RETWEET if you also think proof of citizenship and a photo ID should be required to vote! #SCOTUS #9thCircuit https://t.co/Cb7…

  12. Love it! https://t.co/1pnXeXCeZw

  13. Now "climate-change" alarmists want us to become China? https://t.co/nnILjZS1aI

  14. I'm a Jayhawk for life and still rather have Bill Self as our coach. #kubball

  15. @thurrott in the server admin world we call that "gaming time"!