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  1. Thanks man! Ive heard before that hes the guy to talk to but never knew about the Facebook groups.
  2. Topic name says it all. Chipped ecu for 1g f2t (1988 626 turbo sedan) or even if someone has or knows where i can acquire just the chip.. Its time to put that stock fuel cut to rest!! Thanks in advance! -Andrew
  3. Do you still have the car?! im in Nassau and i have an 88 626 turbo sedan... ive been looking for anyone semi local with another f2t powered car! great to see ive found one. Once i get mine up and running again we have to hit some meets together! i think the NY car scene could use a touch of individuality, despite how large it is. (overcrowded by hondas, subies, nissan, vws, mitsu's, bmws etc.) lol
  4. Woops hit post too early on that^ one... If you want to make an unofficial official deal where you hold on to the ecu and continue to not want to sell it... And i continue my quest for a chipped ecu but if i cant get my hands on one by the time shes ready for the road ill come back to you for yours?? This way you still have a chance of holding onto your prized ecu and worst case scenario i know where i could always get one if i cant find another. Haha trying to be fair since your nice enough to let it go to help me out!
  5. Thats what i thought regarding the difference in chips... Since i still have yet to figure out my motor current issue, and my car is off the road and safely in my garage im techinically not in a huge rush. I just figured id put out my feelers now so that when shes ready to go back on the road i already have one to "plug n play" lol.
  6. Thats a bit more then i had planned on spending, but coming from you i know its legit and working so i wont be losing sleep over the extra 50 bucks lol. Not to mention your doin me a huge solid so that alone is worth the extra 50 haha. Are there any dofferent features with this chip vs the pchip?
  7. thats got to be the one that Mono told me about. i snoozed and i lost. good for you though! at this point i just want to get my hands on one lol
  8. Thats what i was thinking. Thanks again Mono!
  9. thanks Leev, after class tomorrow ill use that thread to pull the codes... and to answer your question, it was infact a plastic turbocharger on my flux capacitor lol
  10. I came across those right after i replied to this thread.. im just waiting on a reply from the seller to lmk if he still has them. Ive been looking for a chipped ecu for a while now so i would be willing to pay the $120 he wants for it but he also said obo and to make him an offer... i dont want to low ball him but id like to save as much $$$ as possible. What do you think would be a fair price for an ecu with the probinator chip?
  11. ughhh! i didnt log in for 5 days and i missed that ideal oppurtunity to grab an ecu already with the probinator installed... thanks for the tip anyway Mono. Thats what i get for actually focusing on my school work for once...
  12. forgive my lack of knowledge, im a complete newbie trying to learn my way around under the hood... could you be a little more specific?
  13. Thanks djdevon3! I did not find any on there website (no surprise there lol) so i just sent an email to the admins. Hopefully ill have some luck there. Thanks again for the lead!
  14. Ive been told to look on the probe forums which i have but the guys who used to provide them apparently have gone M.I.A, not to mention im not a member, nor do i have enough posts to start a thread there. So im hoping somebody on this awesome forum has an extra ecu with the probinator chip or just the chip, or even if you can steer me in the right direction to find one elsewhere i would GREATLY appreciate it! I need to overcome that fuel cut!! lol
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