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  1. Hey guys just an little update on this thread, Just wanted to let everyone know installing HID's on stock headlights is not such a smart idea, Even with projectors like I had, From past couple of weeks I've been reading stuff about retrofitting projectors because I want to try it on my xr6t, "Halogen Projectors" which is what comes in stock Eu and Au 626 versions I believe are not meant for HID's. HID projectors are lot different then halogen projectors, they have different reflector, different lens and different cutout, which is specially made for HID's. Even though my lights were really bri
  2. Sorry dude I really don't think if I still have this picture on my camera, I snatched this one off my facebook profile but I will try to see If I can find it somewhere on my hdd.
  3. Here is what I did while back when I wanted something cool drl lights, I bought LED roll from ebay and cut it to size of headlights and stick them to bottom of headlights as shown in picture, Its really easy doing this way. you only have to tap these wires to parking lights takes 5-10 minutes, other option would be running whole new circuit for drl, remember some states have law regarding drl lights, they should be dim when you turn your headlights on, what I did was I bought dim ones which would look good at day and night, let me know how you go with your setup.
  4. It's funny you say that, a large proportion of my coworkers are from India as well, and most of them can't understand one another in their native language(s). They've told me that there are many different dialects in different areas of the country, something like 600+ languages. Perhaps the same language(s) are used in northern India and Pakistan? ...and yes, it was extremely crowded. I have a lot of funny stories to share...it was entertaining to be 6'5" in a country where the average adult is maybe 5'3". Sorry Snailman for getting back to you late, been bit busy, and you're right the
  5. Hi Snailman, well if you've been to India, then Pakistan isn't much different from India, same language (Hindi,Urdu) almost same, and we can understand each other easily, same people, like pretty much everything is same other then culture, and population of Pakistan is nothing compare to India, also its not that big country either, I also don't think there are much places to visit, there is very good valley called "Swat" its very beautiful place, But not safe for anyone anymore
  6. Hello guys I've been away for a while, Since everyone is sharing, I'd also like to share my life experience, Well for those of you who don't know about me, I am 20 yo and currently living in Canberra, Australia, I am originally from Karachi, Pakistan, we moved to Australia when I was 17(2010), and then whole family been kicked out from our uncle's house here after 6 months, None of us could speak or understand "English at that time" when I was only 17, and that's when my new life started, had so much trouble getting settled, but finally we're all happily settled , I went to college and finis
  7. Can anyone please recommend where to buy knock sensor from ? If there is any shop in U.S which ships to Australia would be great :) That is the only thing left to replace and I am hoping my car will run fine after that, Just a note I don't know whats the reason but my car runs absolutely fine when its cold but it starts loosing power when engine gets warm, It looses so much power no matter how I drive slow fast, and also where can i find those O rings which are mentioned on knock sensor replacement guide, Thank you guys, I was just having bit of fun with my 626 today here is a video
  8. Thank you NickR I did crawled under my car many times and couldn't find anything there is very little play on sway bar end link and its when I apply pressure on it but I tried hitting it lightly with hammer and its not making that noise, Only thing I can think of is maybe my brake pads are loose hence when I pull my handbrake a little they rest against rotor and don't move, whenever I lift my car up I apply my handbrake for safety reasons so never looked at that, I'll report back if I find my problem Thank you :)
  9. Hi guys, I've had this clunking noise coming from rear from a long time, and its just getting worse and driving me crazy, I took my car to suspension shop and they suggested to replace my rear shocks but nothing changed, I searched on internet and checked my end links and sway bar bushes they look fine but I'll be replacing end links soon, I was reading on some BMW forum that loose handbrake cable can cause this noise as well, It comes only on small bumps and on uneven road and it is very loud can easily be heard from inside even when windows are all the way up, Just to check I drove my car wi
  10. So time for some updates, My brakes were going really bad so decided to upgrade my front brakes and picked up some 2009 mazda 6 rotors, calipers and pads I am uploading some pictures below, I never painted anything and it was first time I painted my calipers RED and my Wiper arms Grey(because they were rusted and looked bad), Results turned out alright I think let me know :) I would like to say Thank you to "MonoxideChild" for making a great brake upgrade guide, It was huge help. Painting :) Old rotor Vs New Rotor Installed on one side and final result :D
  11. Sorry guys I was bit upset that day so said unrelated things but sorry
  12. Yayy finally got that annoying o2 sensor out, It was stuck badly, I didn't do it myself payed someone to do it for me and he was a nice guy he spent like 2.5 hours under my car, It was bi**h to come out, he also removed that big black plate not sure what its called, but glad got it out and got new sensor installed now I am left with only one code (5 which is knock sensor), I haven't driven my car much will report later on how it is running now.
  13. Glad you found your problem I don't know much about inside engine, and in my case I have to attach LED have no light in dash, also my low fuel light never works not sure why even changed all bulbs and still doesn't work.
  14. Thank you Dj we all learn from our mistakes I have unlisted that video from youtube so no one can access my video anymore, I was thinking to delete it anyways because I totally forgot to mention about paper test, I used my speaker wires from sub's didn't had anything else and there is very good kit for testing things like this I will get that soon ,also rear o2 sensor is so much pain, I bought many different tools for that but still can't get it out its just too tight and have very little room to work on, I also spliced the wires so will have to take it to mechanic and then hopefully knock
  15. Thank you Per for your post, I thought you can only buy bushes or we have to replace this whole link ? Alright fixed my code 41 VRIS problem, also made a video for that, and now I am getting code 5 and 23 wasn't getting 23 before, Code 23 says o2 sensor on bank 1 I recently replaced my sesnor which is in front now which one is bank one near the firewall or near radiator ? I've got new o2 sensor but can't get my old one out which is near firewall there is not enough room even bought new o2 sensor tool and it doesn't help either its just too tight, and hints on getting that one out ?
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