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  1. After you cut that it just slid in easy/
  2. So did you have to do any cutting to get it to fit? Or the double din and it's bracket fit in place?
  3. If it's the 21mm socket, the nut on it is the same size on the wheel lug nuts. So my socket that I use to take the lug nuts off will be the socket I can use to take off the nut to the trs, correct?
  4. OK sorry for all the questions but what else could be a cause for my fans not turning on when my gauge go past halfway mark? Also, not kicking into highest gear?
  5. Can the sensor be faulty without triggering the cel?
  6. Both fans come on but when my gauge go pass the middle it doesn't turn on only turn on when it reaches all the way hot. But sound like low speed.
  7. I truly think I don't have a blown head gasket. When my car starts to overheat the fans don't come on until it's almost to the red but sounds like low gear. I know we have two speed fans where is the relay to control the higher speed to the fan?
  8. OK So out of the two heads which one of the two can I just remove to replace that gasket or do I have to replace both
  9. So just cough up the money to get the job done right. Where exactly is the head gasket? I see it's two is there specific one I need to replace to fix the problem?
  10. So it's just best to just pressed the old one out and a pressed the new one in
  11. Just newly found problem. I was loosing coolant and I was thinking it's the water pump but to find out it's a blown head gasket. This will be the second time having to replace it in two years. Have anyone added some kind of head gasket liquid to repair the head gasket? I'm not trying to give up this car because I put too much work into it
  12. Just the noise on the video I posted on another thread. And the play in the wheel when I lift the front of the car up.
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