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  1. txgocart626

    Well It;s Been Fun

    Hey just happened to stop by and look around. Still have the 626 parked at my brothers yard. Did not have the heart to drag it to the junkyard. Good to read some of the posts here, brings back old memories. If you need parts, live in central Texas and have a dolly, I will have a deal for you that you might never come across again. Ray
  2. txgocart626

    Well It;s Been Fun

    As some may remember the 626 had gone to my grandson. Served my wife and me well and was now my grandson's turn. Things did not go as planned which is sad. I had just replaced both cv axles, radiator, both calipers, rotors, brake pads, wire set, plugs, upper/lower radiator hoses and all light lens. Needed an oil change so I did that as well. Or maybe not well. Oil filter should always remain tight. I failed in this endeavor. Done hundreds but all it takes is one "aww shit". Ruined the bearings and possibly the crankshaft. Time to raise the white flag. After we got my daughter a 2013 Versa we kept her 2004 Sentra for "just in case". Well we're there and he now has a Sentra. Pulled from the back yard and gone over but still needing struts front/rear. Anyone in central Texas (Austin/San Antonio) need some super cheap parts. Life happens all around us. Now to find a sentra site as good as this one. Thanks for all the help along the way. Ray Mata
  3. txgocart626

    Mazda hits High Revs but doesnt accelrate.

    Have you checked your transmission fluid level? Ray
  4. Have someone help you do this... Have helper in drivers seat and have him move the shifter to all gears while the engine is off. You be under the hood looking at the cable that hooks up to the transmission. If the cable end has come off the connection (common problem) then your transmission does not see park or neutral. Ray
  5. txgocart626

    Rough idle, gas smell

    Have you checked the fuel pressure regulator? Ray
  6. txgocart626

    Starter Squealing But Stops In Reverse Or Drive

    Here is my post for my particular problem. http://mazda626.net/topic/43474-dirty-ignition-switchstuck-starter/page-2 Post #21 has the diagrams and and position readings. Also look at DJ's post on the best way to work on getting it replaced. I'm old and my body hurt for days when I tried doing it the fast way. Ray
  7. txgocart626

    Starter Squealing But Stops In Reverse Or Drive

    Have you looked at your ignition switch? Sounds like you are trying to energize the starter also in the run position. I could be wrong but it's a starting point. Ray
  8. txgocart626

    Moisture Intrusion, Probably Entering Trunk

    Do you want to find it now or can you wait til Thursday? Ray
  9. txgocart626

    Moisture Intrusion, Probably Entering Trunk

    I would try and remove all the carpeting and wet material. The longer it is there the longer it will take to dry out. Rust, mold and mildew will set in and the smell will get worst. Sounds like the wet side is the area of concern. Tackle that first. Names of products should not matter to a great degree. You do not want to destroy pads or panels but they can be replaced. Right now you need to find the leak. It could even entail you cleaning out the trunk, crawling in and having your buddy drive it thru a carwash. Use a flashlight to see the entry point and the water pressure will help in making it obvious. Be sure it is a friend you trust cause he might not let you out. Yes there is an emergency pull tab just in case. Ray
  10. txgocart626

    Moisture Intrusion, Probably Entering Trunk

    Since you know your trunk is damp look at your spare tire holding area for pooling of water and dry it out. Use the baby powder suggestion given above and locate the source or entry point. Get a spray can of clear "FLEX SEAL" and spray the area. Ray
  11. txgocart626

    Engine Stalls At Idle

    Start here. http://mazda626.net/topic/39618-iac-idle-air-control-throttle-body-cleaning-1993-2002-i4/ This will get you started.. He was nice enough to put most in the tutorial section. Ray
  12. txgocart626

    Engine Stalls At Idle

    IAC could be dirty. I believe DJ has posted on this several times. If you haven't looked at his video collection try to make time for them. If you are going to keep a 626 they are extremely helpful. Ray
  13. txgocart626

    Radiator Core Size Question

    Just finished replacing mine/grandson's with an aftermarket from O Rielly (Murray) and it fit perfect. Ray
  14. txgocart626

    The New Year

    As the New Year begins I ask that you let everyone know how much you care about them. As sad as this may sound, we never know when we will depart this place we call home. Not only that but the ones we hold near and dear to us can leave in a blink of an eye. As some of you may have seen on the local or national news a young girl was sadly murdered New Years Day. Sara Mutschlechner was her name., daughter of Clay and Gloria Mutschlechner. Gloria is my wives' cousin. I can think of no words that could provide comfort at a time like this to the parents of a child that has been murdered. No parent should feel the pain of burying a child. Jamal Johnson has been arrested in Arizona as a suspect. An active duty Marine at that. What has this world gone to? Jamal, if you are responsible, may you rot in Hell. Ray