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  1. FIS

    Ignition Timing

    You have to jump the TEN and GND pins inside the diagnostic box before you can adjust the timing.
  2. FIS

    Djdevon3's Recognizer

    <3 Life is getting you at one time, but I'm pretty sure you beat it! :D Photobucket images should be clouded to the 626 server so there is no damage done to previous pictures afaik? Only new ones? And the v6 mounts to the engine stand pretty good. Depending on the plate the stand has it should line up along the transmission holes on the flywheel side. Rotate the plate so most of the holes line up and put some bolts in it to hold it in place. I've never done it myself, but that's what I would had done. Best of luck, we are here if you need help, tips or tricks. :D
  3. It's a tensioner bracket for the serpentine belt for the power steering.
  4. FIS

    I4 To V6 Klze Swap

    In that case, get a complete donor, swap every part needed and you'll be set. What parts you need to swap can easily be found by searching. There is topics already covering this.
  5. FIS

    2001 2.5 Intake Manifold removal

    The bolt is often refered to as the "bitch bolt" as it's impossible to see, and hard to reach. This entire post shows where: https://mazda626.net/topic/38391-my-25l-vcg-replacement/?do=findComment&comment=308213
  6. FIS

    I4 To V6 Klze Swap

    If I where you I'd scratch that idea and just buy a KL powered car. Doing such a swap requires tons of work, money and patience. But if you'd like to do so, get a full donor car that you can swap everything over from. going KLDE would be the easiest, and you can always swap for a KLZE later.
  7. FIS

    Klde Vs Klg4 Vs Klze

    Ahh, so you are allowed to reuse old registration numbers for another car there, it's not stuck with that car forever? in that case I get it :)
  8. FIS

    Klde Vs Klg4 Vs Klze

    Yes that's Drachenflug's 626, but how the hell can a BMW use the same license plates as a 626? Unless he put them on just to drive it, in which case it's illegal O.o
  9. FIS

    Klde Vs Klg4 Vs Klze

    The BMW at 1.13, how can it have the exact same license plate as another car? :O
  10. FIS

    fuel pump wiring 98 626

    If it has an immobilizer you can replace the ECU for one without an immobilizer, that will fix the problem IF it actually is the immobilizer.
  11. Damn man where have you been? Sent you an email months ago and haven't heard from you in ages :o Glad to see you are alive, is that a second MX-6 that you've bought?
  12. FIS

    Mazda 626 2.0i from SA!

    What rims are those? Nice car it looks clean!
  13. I cannot confirm that's the drain plug for the transmission fluid, but it looks right as that's often how a drain plug looks like.
  14. FIS

    2.0l 115hp different tightening torques.

    The torque specs are the same from 93-97.
  15. FIS

    2.0l 115hp different tightening torques.

    http://pmx626.info/US/Mazda 626 & MX-6/Work Shop Manuals/PDF/1994 US WSM_OCR.pdf Here you go.
  16. FIS

    Happy 626 Day 2017

    I'm a bit late for the party, but happy 26/6 day :D
  17. FIS

    Im stupidity

    There is tons of manuals over at www.PMX626.info, not quite sure how much Probe manuals/diagrams there is but the MX-6/626 is pretty identical on the wiring.
  18. FIS

    New from Vancouver BC

    Hello and welcome to the 626 community! Since you're refering to KM's and LX trim level I'm asuming you're either Canadian or an European. I'm going to guess Canadian due to the fact that you've said you got the mid-trim model, as there is only 2 different trim levels in Europe (AFAIK) And the LX would in that case be the mid-trim (Or so I believe) There is not alot of thing to upgrade performance vise, but our 626 guru DjDevon3 has ALOT of useful videos and how-to's when it comes to maintenance and repairs, you should check out his youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/DJDevon3 As for exterior/interior upgrades there is a few aftermarked things to do. But it all depends on what you are looking for. Something easy to start with is for example LED bulbs all around. Hope you'll enjoy your stay!
  19. FIS

    Hi from Brisbane

    Yes they are amazing, and they are a supporting vendor of this site. Check out their own section here: https://mazda626.net/forum/93-rockauto/ They like to put out some discount codes there :D
  20. FIS

    Im stupidity

    While you're doing all this work, you should consider doing a "MAF" swap. Here is a nice guide: http://www.performanceprobe.com/forum/showthread.php?t=40512
  21. FIS

    Im stupidity

    http://www.xtremethings.com/KLDE-ZE/PDF-Refs/96_PGT_Wiring-(ECU).pdf http://www.xtremethings.com/KLDE-ZE/PDF-Refs/97_PGT_Wiring-(ECU).pdf Last pages has a pinout for the ECU.
  22. FIS

    Hi from Brisbane

    Hello and welcome, a good place to source parts would be from Rockauto.com, they got tons of parts and is a super site to use. Good luck and hope you'll enjoy your stay here.
  23. FIS

    air conditioner issue

    Get a shop to refill the AC system.
  24. FIS


    The BBCode function has to be brought back ASAP, making posts now are like wiping your ass with no hands, sure it's possible but it's a lot more hassle.