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  1. The torque specs are the same from 93-97.
  2. 626 & MX-6/Work Shop Manuals/PDF/1994 US WSM_OCR.pdf Here you go.
  3. I'm a bit late for the party, but happy 26/6 day :D
  4. There is tons of manuals over at, not quite sure how much Probe manuals/diagrams there is but the MX-6/626 is pretty identical on the wiring.
  5. Hello and welcome to the 626 community! Since you're refering to KM's and LX trim level I'm asuming you're either Canadian or an European. I'm going to guess Canadian due to the fact that you've said you got the mid-trim model, as there is only 2 different trim levels in Europe (AFAIK) And the LX would in that case be the mid-trim (Or so I believe) There is not alot of thing to upgrade performance vise, but our 626 guru DjDevon3 has ALOT of useful videos and how-to's when it comes to maintenance and repairs, you should check out his youtube channel here: As for exterior/interior upgrades there is a few aftermarked things to do. But it all depends on what you are looking for. Something easy to start with is for example LED bulbs all around. Hope you'll enjoy your stay!
  6. Yes they are amazing, and they are a supporting vendor of this site. Check out their own section here: They like to put out some discount codes there :D
  7. While you're doing all this work, you should consider doing a "MAF" swap. Here is a nice guide:
  8. Last pages has a pinout for the ECU.
  9. Hello and welcome, a good place to source parts would be from, they got tons of parts and is a super site to use. Good luck and hope you'll enjoy your stay here.
  10. Get a shop to refill the AC system.
  11. The BBCode function has to be brought back ASAP, making posts now are like wiping your ass with no hands, sure it's possible but it's a lot more hassle.
  12. You are
  13. Yeah that should work just fine, just keep in mind to disconnect the old wire for the turbine sensor. And I have no idea of how this would affect the car or performance on an automatic, this is how you can do it to mimic the signal from the crank sensor so the code goes away if you've done a ATX to MTX swap, or if you simply are running a ATX ECU in a MTX.
  14. p0715 Input Turbine------Pin 2P --> splice to Pin 4AH (NE+) Tricking the ECU with the crank sensor which mimicks the input turbine p0715 Input Turbine------Pin 2T --> splice to Pin 4AL (NE-)
  15. 95-97 626, MX-6 or Probe.
  16. 1995 mod with the 2.5l v6 engine aka. KLDE with a manual transmission and the OEM EU sideskirts. One of the few sold new over here. Current mods on the car is: -6000k 55w Xenon in main lights. -4300k 55w Xenon in fog lights. -6000k LED bulbs in back fog light and back up light. -LED all around. -Cold Air Intake. -MX-6 leather steering wheel. -MAF swap. -Removed emblem from grill. -Cronos door sills (Stainless steel) -Chrome door handles. -Radiator cover in Alu. -Custom plug wire cover. -Dropdown Mazda logo in the doors. -96 Dashboard. -96 Rear spoiler with integrated brake light. -Strut Bar. -Digitale Climate Controller. -TruBend Magnaflow exhaust system. 2.5" Stainless steel. -Newly overhauled KLDE engine with KL31 pistons and cams. And my current plans for now are: -Install King6 rear suspension. -Install MS6 brakes and get it approved. And the long future plans are: -Win lotto. -New engine with 250hp @ N/A. -New headers. -MX-6 leather gearknob. -More awesome stuff. This is the plan as of 2016, might add some more things later Compression numbers as of 07.08.16 is: Cylinder 1 : 210psi Cylinder 2 : 205psi Cylinder 3 : 205psi Cylinder 4 : 210psi Cylinder 5 : 205psi Cylinder 6 : 205psi
  17. Don't you just love it when a package changes a shitty day into a nice one? :D 626 v6/2017-04-07 15.10.04_zps4qqxfmmc.jpg 626 v6/2017-04-07 15.10.46_zps2piwpjme.jpg 626 v6/2017-04-07 15.11.02_zpsfhtlmlmv.jpg 626 v6/2017-04-07 15.12.26_zpsb11fr9pn.jpg Condition is bad, but it's still ok as these are RARE! "Getting photos to work on the forums sux so bad, admin plz fix."
  18. Ahh, in order to clean this loosen the hose clamp on the back side of it and take it out of the filter housing, you'll see the inside of it as it's not possible to take it apart. The MAF you're thinking of is most likely of an ATX where it's possible to loosen some screws and take the sensor out of the housing. Pretty sure it's not possible on this type.
  19. Pretty sure that's a normal MAF for the 2.0, are you sure it's a different one?
  20. Strange, my ebay headers was in the same spot as the OEM downpipe, might have been unlucky there and it's shorter. Get a longer cat is my tip
  21. Did you replace the solenoid or the regulator? Timing belt marks
  22. I don't know the 87 model, but I would ohm out every damn fuse I could find with a multimeter to be sure it's good, sometimes you can hardly see that it's melted.
  23. I remember seeing this photo on facebook, do you have some more detailed pictures of the lip?