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  1. Rotated6_2

    Australian Owners Sign In.

    Welcome Matt! Awesome colour as well!!!! If you're not a member of this 626 FB page, then time to join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/266014573758441/?ref=bookmarks Here's a pic of my yellow 626 - paint code YW!
  2. Rotated6_2

    mazda 626 coupe boot lid

    Finding an S2 hardtop boot lid in good nick, is super difficult. They all rust along the lip - for some reason. I saw your post on RX626. I have a spare one, but it's only in poor to fair condition - it has rust also.
  3. Rotated6_2

    Rust Repair Advice

    All you have to do is ask. Except for the US parts wise, I have contacts all over the world.
  4. Rotated6_2

    Rust Repair Advice

    Join the RX626 FB page, young fella. We're a good bunch of RWD 626 enthusiasts from all over the world!!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/266014573758441/?ref=bookmarks Make contact with Stefan Neuteboom. He shut the Oldstockmazdaparts web page down because he was being charged squillions to keep it running. He still has the parts, just contact him direct. And I know from experience, he is happy to send parts all over the world!
  5. Rotated6_2

    Classic Japan 16th December 2018

    Well guys, for any of you rear wheel drive 626 enthusiasts, we did not beat the 2017 number of attendees - we had a couple of last minute withdrawals, but this many together, is still not a bad number - 7. There is always 2019, we want 10 minimum!!!! This meet is for all pre 1993 Japanese vehicles, bikes and trucks, so there were many different models there. If you are interested in seeing more, drop me a message and I'll put some more pics up.
  6. Rotated6_2

    compresser mount for a 77 capella

    Hey mate - any model with a VC or MA engine. So to start, B1800, B2000, 626 RWD, 929L and S1 HBSHE 929. If you cant find any where you are, I can probably track you one down.
  7. Rotated6_2

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    When the car was fitted with factory AC, a micro switch was fitted in behind the fascia. Pushing the Fresh air/Recirc Lever to the right would turn off or on, the micro switch to activate the AC - provided you had the fan on at least low speed. The cable may have seized up (i have never seen this happen before but there is always a first) or maybe someone has "tweaked" the leverl along the way. The only way to find out quickly, is to check your fan, like I did last night to take the pic, and check if the cable is connected to the fresh air flap lever I pointed out to you. Other wise, its disassemble the controller section of the dash. If you're mechanically minded should take you about 15 mins to get access to the heater control unit. Remove the following: ( i may have forgotten a couple of screws but you should get the idea) - two Philips screws up above the heater controls - they screw into the under side of the dash. - all knobs from heater control panel ( I use pliers) - there is a tiny Philips head that holds the Recirc knob on. - Radio knobs and the 12mm hex nuts and washers on the tuner and volume controllers. - the ashtray - the little coin holder below the radio ( Disregard if your 626 has a cassette player) - carefully lever the top section of the switch control fascia down from below the dash, to allow it to pop forward. BE GENTLE - or Baby Jesus will cry when you crack the plastic!!!! - carefully unclip and pull forward the whole fascia so that it gives you access to the heater control unit. To completely remove, disconnect the lighter wiring and defrost switch wiring. The heater control unit is held in by a couple of screws and the actual cables ( clips anchor them) - 1 to the fresh air/recirc flap on the blower, 1 to the heater tap RH side of heater box close to the trans tunnel and 1 to the air mixer about half way up on the RH side of the heater box. See how you go!!!
  8. Rotated6_2

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    Lever in - fresh air flap open. Lever pulled out towards you - flap shut and in recirc. The cable runs from the lever across the dash and connects to the top front of the fan blower housing above the passenger side wheel well. In Recirc mode, when you pull the lever out, the cable pulls the flap lever. This is a hinged lever so it raises the flap to shut off the fresh air.
  9. Rotated6_2

    Australian Owners Sign In.

    Not a turbo, but for sale down here in Victoria.
  10. Rotated6_2

    Australian Owners Sign In.

    Welcome mate. Could you live in a more remote area?!!! Finding parts must be a bitch!!!!
  11. I have reached a milestone!!! For some of you "power" posters on this forum, it probably came and went a very long time ago. Still, just thought I'd share, given now this post will take me to 627!
  12. I am not 100% positive that it is fully original as stated - the original TWR spoiler did not look like this and was colour coded to the car https://www.ebay.com/itm/1979-Mazda-626-Montrose-2000-TWR-Coupe-Look-/401566713185?_mwBanner=1&ul_ref=https%3A%2F%2Frover.ebay.com%2Frover%2F0%2F0%2F0%3Fmpre%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F401566713185%26rvr_id%3D0%26rvr_ts%3D96e5234c1640a9cb254148cffff6e60d&ul_noapp=true The spoiler certainly does not look like the one below.
  13. Rotated6_2

    S1 CB2 626 TWR option for sale - US eBay

    Houndstooth was never an option in the 626s. Definitely aftermarket fitment. This car could have been optioned up in the US, under license from TWR UK, hence the difference to the UK original.
  14. Rotated6_2

    S2 CB2 626 For Sale in California

    You're right. It's gone. Too good to hang around for long!
  15. Anyone looking for a cool old school ride? https://www.facebook.com/groups/24712355408/permalink/10156688347850409/?sale_post_id=10156688347850409
  16. Rotated6_2

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    Stick a V8 in it like this one but keep it sleeper spec on the outside! That's 5.0L injected Aussie motor in Luke's one. That should get people's attention over there!
  17. Rotated6_2

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    Try not to ruin it too much, please!!!!! Sorry, I am biased about cars retaining their exterior originality! As soon as I see Boso cars I think of this.
  18. Rotated6_2

    MAZDA 626 1982 PARTS

    Contact popsy626. He may be happy to sell you some parts.
  19. Rotated6_2

    Shocks & Struts

    Fronts are nothing like the ones from Amazon. The difference between very early chassis code and later chassis code. Up to CB2MS- 543789 - has a longer strut insert. After CB2MS- 543880 - is slightly shorter. These are the rears.
  20. Rotated6_2

    Shocks & Struts

    Here you go, young fella! https://www.monroe.com.au/trade-corner/catalogue-search.html?cat_make=MAZDA&cat_model=626+REAR+WHEEL+DRIVE&cat_year=1980&search_type=make_model_year&form_used=sidebar
  21. Rotated6_2

    Jets for a MA

    I seriously recommend taking it in and getting it tuned on a dyno, but before you go, you want to track down more jets or make sure the shop has parts and knows how to tune old school. Sadly, most shops hate dyno tuning carbies because it is so labour intensive. I can tell you that on my Edelbrock 650cfm carby fed 13B bridgeport, I have spent a grand on dyno tuning because there is no data for the conversion, and I can still get more power with more development and dyno time.
  22. Rotated6_2

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    Did you buy it?
  23. Rotated6_2

    Is the MA reliable

    Hey mate, get on to the RX626 FB page. Aussie page and it's for any RWD 626. Heaps of stuff available in QLD!
  24. Rotated6_2

    Is the MA reliable

    Depends on its age. How its been maintained. Whether you live in a country where you can find parts easily. They are a low performance, reliable engine, that will run and run providing you keep supplying water, oil and fuel on a regular basis! Their idiosyncrasies include but are not limited to: - Leak oil around the rocker cover gaskets and half moon seals. - Oil bypasses the valve stem seals - hence nice puffs of blue smoke if left idling too long, or sometimes just lots of blue smoke all the time! - They do have a tendency, if left sitting in storage for long periods, to corrode and then leak from the welch (core, freeze or frost) plugs. - Blow the head gasket between no 3 and 4 cylinder due to poor maintenance.
  25. Rotated6_2

    Rust Repair Advice

    I saw that one too, BUT, seeing the 8239 P/No threw me, and I could not find a cross reference to it. My Aussie spec S2 Mazda Parts Catalogue (Apr 83 edition) shows the prefix as a GA06-70-750, and my Japanese S2 Mazda Parts Catalogue (Jan 84 edition) shows it as a G001-70-750. Go figure on the part numbers when they are the same!