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  1. Who do you report spam poststo?

    That is so darn obvious!!!! Stored in brain for future reference! Thank you, sir.
  2. Looking for axles for my 1982 626 coupe

    Go to the top of the page. Next to the Notification icon, you will see the messages icon. Select it, then everything from there is straight forward. This is also why I gave you his user name, so you can enter it straight into the address field.
  3. Looking for axles for my 1982 626 coupe

    Send cfamilyfix a message. He is in New Jersey. He may be able to help you out.
  4. Looking for axles for my 1982 626 coupe

    Dan Atkins - Atkins Rotary, may be able to help you.
  5. 1981 2.0 trunk opener problem

  6. aust made mazda diesel 626 1984 sedan GC10 F1 model

    OK. Gotta think like a perspective buyer. ( Remember, Aussies are tight arses when it comes to old girls like this!!!!) So your plates tell me you're South Aussie. - Adelaide or country? How many Ks on the clock? Auto or manual Service history available? Still has rego, how many months left? If no, any idea what will be required to get a road worthy?(not 100% necessary to know, but always helps) Tyres? Pics - sides, front, engine bay and interior P.S. If you need a hand posting this on FB on different car sites, send me a personal message. Happy to help you out. Philip
  7. aust made mazda diesel 626 1984 sedan GC10 F1 model

    Put up some pics, jeanniejeannette. Keep her and put her on club registration!
  8. Who do you report spam poststo?

    Hey Mods, As the topic says. If you see a post that looks like spam, who do you report it to? Post in particular is this one, and they have reposted again yesterday. Thanks. Philip
  9. Post your 626 still on the road!!!!

    Classic Japan 3rd December 2017. Two of these are mine, and I used to own the green S2 hardtop as well!
  10. 1981 2.0 trunk opener problem

    It's for RHD, but I think the wiring should be very similar to LHD for accessories like this. Boot Opener Wiring.pdf
  11. 1981 2.0 trunk opener problem

    There is no relay. The switch takes direct power from the from the Blue Black (LB) wire coming from the interior light circuit. It feeds direct 12V to the boot opener motor.
  12. Preserved 1979 626 on BoT!

    Darn nice car that! Sadly, I don't have $25K AUD plus shipping, to spend on it!
  13. New To Forum And 626's

    Hey Vince, Good to see you on here. Mate, my personal preference is YES. It's more a case of prevention is better than cure. No, you don't have to add it, and a lot of guys will tell you that, including a lot of Europeans. For me, it doesn't hurt to add it, and I actually fitted a Valve Saver kit that drip feeds directly into the carburetor rather than adding every time I fill up. You'll know if you are feeding too much valve lube in, the car does get smokey, but again I prefer to know my valves are getting lubed!
  14. Standard fix - replace electronic with stock shockers. The electronic ones require you to sell a kidney to afford purchasing them. Most guys I know who have replaced the electronic ones, say they do not notice the difference.
  15. Ebay, if it is easier for you. Here are some examples.