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  1. Rotated6_2

    Shocks & Struts

    Here you go, young fella! https://www.monroe.com.au/trade-corner/catalogue-search.html?cat_make=MAZDA&cat_model=626+REAR+WHEEL+DRIVE&cat_year=1980&search_type=make_model_year&form_used=sidebar
  2. Rotated6_2

    Jets for a MA

    I seriously recommend taking it in and getting it tuned on a dyno, but before you go, you want to track down more jets or make sure the shop has parts and knows how to tune old school. Sadly, most shops hate dyno tuning carbies because it is so labour intensive. I can tell you that on my Edelbrock 650cfm carby fed 13B bridgeport, I have spent a grand on dyno tuning because there is no data for the conversion, and I can still get more power with more development and dyno time.
  3. Rotated6_2

    1979 626 in Beverly Hills!

    Did you buy it?
  4. Rotated6_2

    Is the MA reliable

    Hey mate, get on to the RX626 FB page. Aussie page and it's for any RWD 626. Heaps of stuff available in QLD!
  5. Rotated6_2

    Is the MA reliable

    Depends on its age. How its been maintained. Whether you live in a country where you can find parts easily. They are a low performance, reliable engine, that will run and run providing you keep supplying water, oil and fuel on a regular basis! Their idiosyncrasies include but are not limited to: - Leak oil around the rocker cover gaskets and half moon seals. - Oil bypasses the valve stem seals - hence nice puffs of blue smoke if left idling too long, or sometimes just lots of blue smoke all the time! - They do have a tendency, if left sitting in storage for long periods, to corrode and then leak from the welch (core, freeze or frost) plugs. - Blow the head gasket between no 3 and 4 cylinder due to poor maintenance.
  6. Rotated6_2

    Rust Repair Advice

    I saw that one too, BUT, seeing the 8239 P/No threw me, and I could not find a cross reference to it. My Aussie spec S2 Mazda Parts Catalogue (Apr 83 edition) shows the prefix as a GA06-70-750, and my Japanese S2 Mazda Parts Catalogue (Jan 84 edition) shows it as a G001-70-750. Go figure on the part numbers when they are the same!
  7. Rotated6_2

    Rust Repair Advice

    OE tail lights are no problem to get, except that you will have the proper orange flasher lens as opposed to US spec full red lenses! I really do not like the S2 tail lights - too big and ugly! I will vouch for this company and the boot seals. Not OE but excellent aftermarket product. I have bought numerous parts from them for me and overseas colleagues. http://www.scottsoldautorubber.com.au/MAZDA 1978-82 626 SEDAN.htm Rear of an S1: Rear of an S2: From the pics: If you change the rear beaver panel to S2, then you will need to modify each corner to fit the lights and find the tail lights - that is all. You do not need the rear boot lid - they fit both cars but you will notice S1 has a small cutout along the lower lip, S2 is dead straight across.
  8. Rotated6_2

    Rust Repair Advice

    Hey DR, avoid fibreglass/bondo like the plague!! That's just these guys way of telling you they are not interested in doing the job! Find a workshop where the guys actually are craftsmen and take pride in their work!!! Otherwise, the only way to learn is to have a go yourself. What something like this? Anyways..........This is NOS for a Series 2 - larger rear tail lights, but I think the section you need can be taken from it. http://www.oldstockmazdaparts.com/en/product/57546/mazda-626capella-cb2-rear-panel
  9. Rotated6_2

    Mazda 626 TWR

    Well Pipbailey, I am assuming you are either in the UK or Europe, as not many of them made it overseas. Possibly a couple made it to the States for promotional duties and that's about it! TWR - Tom Walkinshaw Racing, did do some after market tart up kits for Mazda for about 8 years, on specific models. The parts are definitely aftermarket, and finding them is like finding toy rocking horse poo - impossible!!!! To answer your question, yes your car is stupidly rare only in as much as not many of them were made. Are they worth a lot of money.........naaaah, not really, and only to a diehard Mazda enthusiast! Although, the Germans get pretty excited about them for some reason! And bear in mind, no engine performance enhancements were offered, so don't get too excited about setting Silverstone lap records or blitzing the quarter mile.
  10. Rotated6_2

    Who do you report spam poststo?

    That is so darn obvious!!!! Stored in brain for future reference! Thank you, sir.
  11. Rotated6_2

    Looking for axles for my 1982 626 coupe

    Go to the top of the page. Next to the Notification icon, you will see the messages icon. Select it, then everything from there is straight forward. This is also why I gave you his user name, so you can enter it straight into the address field.
  12. Rotated6_2

    Looking for axles for my 1982 626 coupe

    Send cfamilyfix a message. He is in New Jersey. He may be able to help you out.
  13. Rotated6_2

    Looking for axles for my 1982 626 coupe

    Dan Atkins - Atkins Rotary, may be able to help you.
  14. Rotated6_2

    1981 2.0 trunk opener problem

  15. Rotated6_2

    aust made mazda diesel 626 1984 sedan GC10 F1 model

    OK. Gotta think like a perspective buyer. ( Remember, Aussies are tight arses when it comes to old girls like this!!!!) So your plates tell me you're South Aussie. - Adelaide or country? How many Ks on the clock? Auto or manual Service history available? Still has rego, how many months left? If no, any idea what will be required to get a road worthy?(not 100% necessary to know, but always helps) Tyres? Pics - sides, front, engine bay and interior P.S. If you need a hand posting this on FB on different car sites, send me a personal message. Happy to help you out. Philip