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  1. Easier to get a complete tail light assembly. Here are a couple of Aussie FB pages who should be help you out - ie guys in Brisbane. Failing that, i can get you a tail light fairly easily, BUT, I am down in Victoria. You will find guys with 626s in all these pages and most of us are happy to help a brother out!
  2. Repco Bursons Supercheap Ebay - you are after a VRS kit for an MA engine Here's an example:
  3. Today in Geelong.
  4. We all appreciate cars whether J tin or not. Just for some of us older buggers ( you are as old as my daughter), we relate more to older models. Still doesn't hurt to go to some of their events. Central Coast Car Club in conjunction with Rotary Enthusiasts International, had a big meet last weekend.
  5. Josh, From a mate, where are you? If you want to stay anonymous, I'll understand. Send me a PM or message and let me know how you're both doing. Really miss you, big guy!!!! Every time the missus and I go to Woodend or Hanging Rock Markets, we comment and think about you. Anyway, I hope you are OK and well, and still driving your Mazdas. I hope one day we can catch up again. Philip
  6. Welcome bud, from a fellow Aussie and ex Sydney sider! Might want to straighten your number plate out at some stage, you'll pick up at least another 5kmh going over Mooney Mooney bridge!!!! Don't know if you know this FB page, but it's a whole lot of Central Coast J Tin boys. Good guys, some older models but could be good for you to get out and meet. Philip
  7. Vic Rotors cruise in April - two rotaries and a piston motor! The white one is another mates one. It's completely granny spec original with 3 speed auto, but engine transplant is definitely on the cards.
  8. Daisy and my old 13BT hardtop - The Green Machine, together for a cruise.
  9. Yep! Both diesels - love them!!!! Doctor Robert - where is the RH mirror I sent you? Why haven't you put it on Tomo yet?
  10. The new front shock inserts and rear shocks, now fitted. A word of warning, however. If you do go to change your struts, there are two types listed for our vehicles - one model suits up to CB2MS - 543XXX, and after that, the other part number. Here is a visual picture of why - on the left (up to 543XXX), on the right (after 543XXX). There is a 25mm difference in the housing height, so early model will not fit later model! I am really glad I replaced the rear shocks, there was no rebound left in either of them!
  11. I had a tyre de-laminate on the way to a Saturday Night Live car event. It was my spare I had fitted only the weekend before. It was an original Bridgestone RD 106 20+ years old that looked all but new - still had the little rubber sprigs on the tread face and even the paint stripes colour coding. Just because it looks OK, doesn't mean it is! Before: After: Time for some new shoes, and might as well fit some new shocks at the same time. I had noticed the rear shocks were manufactured in 1991, and the fronts were still the original "wet leg" type supplied from factory - they may even have been the originals. Either way, I knew the shocks had to be replaced. The CB2 626 came out with a funny tyre size originally - 185/70 x 13, when compared to all its other siblings, and back then, it was easy to find a huge range of 13" tyres with various profiles, to fit onto our rims. Not so today, unfortunately! Even tracking down the original size " off the shelf" requires you to wait a week! Fortunately, I still have many connections in the tyre industry, as I used to sell tyre workshop equipment, and managed to track down some 205/60 x 13" tyres. This size has all but disappeared - none of the big name manufacturers make this size any more, so you are left with brands ( in my mind), of dubious quality. These babies look aggressive and will probably start making a whole lot of road noise (because they are a directional "V" tread), but they will do! Fitted them up at home. How the car looks now with them fitted - love that extra inch:
  12. Few other little mods/improvements since January: 1. Pin striping - I love the yellow but just needed something to set it off. Talked to a mate who has done pin striping before, and away we went. Done at home in my garage. Love the final result!!!
  13. Forgot to mention, i now average 520K per tank with 3-4L still in the tank when I fill her up. Works out around 9.7L/100K - very happy with that!
  14. Here are my two and my sons' one.
  15. To finish this off this thread off: I had spare S2 centre consoles lying around with good rubber shifter boots, so remove the auto cover plate and install the rubber boot. Manual centre console.........done! Every time i got in the car, I knew the rubber boot was from a Series 2 and it annoyed me. I went to my favourite wrecking yard to see if maybe one of his wrecks still had the correct vinyl boot. As luck would have it, two of the cars still had good boots. I own both of them now. I like this much much better, and, it is period correct!!!!