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  1. It´s not about the comment on youtube! It is about your dillema on your cylinder head gasket. You said and showed that 2 of the small holes in your gasket were covered up and you did not know if it was right or wrong. And as I saw on my new gasket, it is the same...in one side they are covered. Try to see here:
  2. Thank you for your fast answer and info! But as you said, the max allowed difference between the cylinder pressure is 1.9 bar. Mine is 1.2, which is in the normal limit, I suppose. A mechanic where I took the test said it looks very good . Timing is ok on the engine. Hopefuly the problem is at the cylinder head gasket or valve seals, which I can manage with! I will consult with the manual and see if I can get more info out of it and I´ll get back with new info or solved problem by the end of the week. Do you think I can get another set of cylinders or cylinder rings from a scrap yard? I
  3. Devon, I took pictures of the gaskets I´ve got in the set. I think it´s 99% chance that the oil leaks into the engine through the "valve seals/gaskets", which you can see at pic no.5 . There are NO oil spots in the coolant. The oil is NOT leaking outside the engine, not even a drop. The coolant does NOT dissapear. The white smoke that comes out from the exhaust when the car did not start minimum 3-4 hours...smells like burned oil. I fill in about 300 ml oil every week. The sparks are dry. Please note that the cylinder head gasket is 100% the same like yours, regarding the 2 small cover
  4. The first picture shows what I want to change, I am sure there is my problem! Can anyone tell me the name of that?
  5. svg_gabriel10


    Ja, ja...hej. I am a Romanian guy in Denmark. And I have some trouble with my m626 from description. Do you have knowledge about the engine?
  6. Well, I am Romanian, but I live in Denmark :). The thing is... I have made many operations on Opel Vectra, Ford Focus and a little on Mazda, but never inside the engine. So my question is...: can I do this operation at home and do I need any special tools? Or is it something I can do with a "regular tool box"? I saw on your tutorial no.5 that you took off the 2 axels, and just before you took out the spark plugs you could see what you call the HLAs. I think there is my problem. There is a head gasket inside, right? I took also some pics of my engine some minutes ago, they are uploaded here.
  7. Can I please contact you by mail or Skype? If so, give me your mail adress or Skype name, so I can upload a picture of what i mean. Otherwise, my english is not so good in mechanical terms.
  8. Hey, I am having trouble with my 626 GF 1.8 16v 1998, manual...european model. It is eating oil quite a lot. When I first bought it from a turkish guy "Mohammed Ali"... the oil level was low and I did not pay attention to it, because it was in a normal limit and there were no leaks on the engine. I drove it for about 2 months when the oil lamp turned on two times for a second and then off again. I went immediately to the shop to buy new oil and filter to change them. The big surprise was when I let down the old oil, and it came out only 800-900 ml instead of 3.7 as it should. After this, ev
  9. Hey, There are 2 boxes with fuses. One is under the hood, in front of the driver´s seat, and the other box is inside the vehicle..... driver´s side, where you pull to open the hood. There is a kinda "glove box" there, and in it´s left side there is a small cover that hides the fuse panel. At the inside panel, be aware that there is a hidden fuse BEHIND the fuse box, that can trouble you a lot. You´ll need soft fingers for it :)
  10. Hey, can anyone help me with some info regarding Mazda 626 GF 1.8 16v 1998? Maybe a service manual or ... somethin´. My engine is eating oil and lets out white smoke(oil smell). I guess the fail comes from the valve gaskets. I have bought the complete gasket set and the engine bolts, just in case the old ones would crack. Can anyone tell me how to change the valve gaskets, please?
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