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  1. F2t crank walked pics of main bearings

    Thanks man. Nothing left to do now but pull the engine. I should have known it wasn't gonna be that easy. Keeping my fingers crossed that the block is OK.
  2. F2t crank walked pics of main bearings

    Unfortunately I torqued all the caps down gave the crank a pull and the play is still there. This is a huge disappointment.
  3. F2t crank walked pics of main bearings

    Here is a link of a video what the car was doing. I recorded this when I had no idea what was going on.
  4. F2t crank walked pics of main bearings

    You have contributed more then you think. i was looking for someone to mention something I may have overlooked And we pretty much went right down the line and I feel pretty confident my problem will be solved once this is all done. How I wish I dident dicker those new bearings up because it would probably be all together by now that's the only part I'm second guessing as of now. However I thank you for brainstorming with me and I will have a walk around video of this baby purring in due time.
  5. F2t crank walked pics of main bearings

    I think someone was treating the car as a high power drag car while the transmission was meeting its slow demise.... All of the mtx parts were sourced form a mx6 turbo, transmission, pedal Assmbly. New master new slave cyl. Shifter linkage has all new bushings, I machined the flywheel myself to 0.020" all new engine mounts. Even put a mtx throttle body on in. I can't remember what else. But everything was used with exception of master and slave cyl engine mounts and the clutch assembly. This will be the end all tell all. If the problem exists after the new engine bearings (doubt it will so long I do it right) the transmission will be coming back out.
  6. F2t crank walked pics of main bearings

    This car WAS an automatic when I bought it. The old automatic trans was garbage, put it in drive the car went nowhere. My theroy is the torque converter ballooned causing this issue the flywheel was machined and it doesn't shudder while releasing the clutch pedal, only while it is down and in gear
  7. F2t crank walked pics of main bearings

    That is sound advice. I did mic the crank it seemed good I will double check it though. Along with the thrust. The engine ran smoothly the only issue I had was when I was stopped with the car in gear and foot on the clutch it would SOMETIMES buck , it would only do it while giving it revs, I could literally grab the crank pulley and move the crank in and out. Once I slid in the new top halves of the bearings in I could not move the crank. All the rod bearings looked brand new and the engine looks very clean its been a learning experience for me seeings how I never messed with any engine internals. That's why I'm kind of relying on others opinions so I appreciate your time and any tips anyone may have. Doing this job was kind of an experiment. If i find out it's a fail I plan on pulling the motor and doing it right! I really don't want to yank the engine but I love this car and the body is in amazing shape!! The engine has not even 90k miles on it!!!! i do truely appreciate your input and will keep updating as I go. Edit: when you said check runout I have a feeling I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Are you you suggesting using a dial indicator to make sure the crank is straight?
  8. F2t crank walked pics of main bearings

    Thanks for the reply. That's what I figured. I deffently don't want to do it again lol I have a set coming for Monday hopefully by Tuesday I'll have a video of her running again. I probably would be okay with these bearings but it's not something I'd like to risk. Thanks again!
  9. F2t crank walked pics of main bearings

    Alright guys I know I haven't gotten much attention but let me add this in here. I was tapping the top halves of the bearings up over the crank and I bugered up the end a bit where the bearing halves meet. Am I asking for trouble putting this back together? I'm debating on grabbing another set of bearings and trying again.
  10. Hey guys got the oil pan dropped on my 88 626GT and the main all out. The crank had a slight play I wanted to check it out. I did slide all the top halves in place so far and gave the crank a yank and could not move it anymore so seems promising. I wanted to post some pics of the main bearings seeing how I don't know jack about what I'm looking at lol. Wanted to see if anyone could explain the wear im looking at, if they look normal or what. A little history of the car is... had it about two years bought it with a bad atx, swapped it with the mtx the car had 84k miles when I bought it has about 87k since the swap. I was getting a intermitted vibration when I stepped on the clutch with the car in gear and it took me awhile to figure out the crank took a walk. Anyway here's the pics of what came out let me know what you guys think
  11. Have you checked your front and rear engine mounts?? The phone gps always shows different in my experience. Hate to say but these transmissions were probably one of the worst autos ever and I am surprised yours still works. They are notorious for hard shifting. I bought a 88 626 gt with a auto that would not move the car. I since swapped the trans for a manual only to find the crank took a walk. I assume this was because of that auto transmission but cannot confirm. As a matter of fact I plan on dropping the oil pan tomorrow to see what the damage is. I would start to look for a manual transmission swap for the future if you really like the car. I have a 626 n/a on its way out. Not sure if I'll be rebuilding the engine or parting it out as of yet I'll keep you in mind if I retire old Betsy
  12. Unusual Oil Leakage

    I second Mike060 sounds like the front crank seal to me
  13. my 323 bf project fe dohc

    Oh man I hope you find what you are looking for. I will keep my eyes and ears open.
  14. Front GE Control Arms on a GD?

    I doubt it! i can't believe you can't get these parts in Australia!