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  1. You have two bolts toward the center of the car, the sway bar link and have to pop the ball joint from the hub/spindle
  2. I once had a problem like this. This is a 1988 626 mind you.... a cheap easy easy thing to do if you have the time/access to equip. Bring the car to a shop and have them evacuate the system change the reciver/drier and put a vacuum on the system for maybe 10-20 mins. Make sure it holds a good vacuum of course add the tiniest amout of compressor oil in the reciver/drier and refill with the correct amount of refrigerant. The reciver/drier is a cheap part for most applications. I think I spent like 11 bucks for mine and ever since I did I have ice cold air. I am willing to bet you that you have moisture in the system that is freezing causing an intermitted blockage.
  3. OMG that's bad! Have a buddy hold the top of the tower when u do that you would deff feel that. If you bounce it up it up and down can you see movement in the mount? if the steering rack is good and all you linkage is good control arms/bushings then I'd say that's a pretty good example of bad strut mounts.
  4. At the main menu u need 1993-2002? Maybe a monitor can move the post?
  5. Oops sorry 1998? You posted in 1988-1992
  6. Check engine light? What year is your six?
  7. The 626 turbos are very hard to come across. I bought one recently out of Long Island in pretty good shape. What's is worth?
  8. Pretty sure I have one in my basemen if still interested.
  9. Oh man! You weren't lying! The car feels amazing. I had bushings completely missing aswell. I can't wait for some nice weather so I can pull the car out and really drive it. Best 20 bucks u could spend!
  10. Awesome wagon. What a coincidence mine just arrived today for my GT hatchback I got them from the Mazda dealer for 22usd can't wait for a tight shifter!
  11. I attached a video of my cars issue and I now believe is a problem with the pilot bearing binding.
  12. Loosen every mount through bolt and let the engine idle for maybe 5 mins. I swear my engine is misaligned because when I removed the pass side mount the engine cocked back toward the fire wall and was a pain to get it back in...when u say at idle in gear do you mean with the car stopped only? IMG_1203.MOV
  13. Okay so this is a pic for GD from the states....I don't know if lhd and rhd would be different but it appears a 323 uses the same part number. In the states anyway
  14. Thanks for posting the pics. The transmission bracket is what I believe I am missing I got to get under the car. I'm ready to tear the transmission back out. The pics give me a good idea now what should be there I'm gonna crawl under it tomorrow. I have to ask again just to be clear when you separated the transmission from the engine was there anything in between them on the back/top of the bellhousing?