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  1. As soon as I turn the car on with the AC off the car runs fine. Driving on the highway, street, coming to a stop or just being idle the car is fine, evenwhen I turn on the heater the card runs the same. As soon as I turn on the AC that is where the car hiccups and coughs when I come to a stop or wait at a red light. Has anyone had this problem. Peter
  2. Short version of original post. last week my radio turned off and when i parked and used the car again i noticed that the door locks, check engine light, door open light, interior lights didnt work. But after I put my key in my door locks and interior lights work again but everything i mentioned still dont work. i checked all my interior fuses and they are fine. this happened once like 6 months ago only to have it work by itself out of the blue one day. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Peter G
  3. Radio, Cigar Lighter, Door Locks And Interior Lights Dont Come On Unless i input key
  4. all my interior fuses are good, what could it be??? Help i need my radio! the silence is killing me. Thanks in advance
  5. My AC/heater fan knob seems to always be on even though I have it set on 0. When the temp control is on the cold or hot side I feel that air setting coming out even though I have the fan on 0. Does thus happen to all 626's?
  6. njmazda49

    Underneath Hood Relay Under Fuse Box

    This is a pic from a previous post of the same relay. Unfortunately they never gave a name for the relay. ps the relay is next to his thumb at the bottom
  7. Can anyone tell me the name of the gray relay that is underneath the fuse box in the hood of the car.
  8. snailman153624, would you recommend just the ignition switch or ignition switch w/cylinder?
  9. What is your advise for getting an exact matching CPU for my car
  10. Is changing the CPU a technical thing or is it just as easy as remove and replace?
  11. Everytime at night now when I take out my keys the headlights go off. They will only stay on if my keys are in, why in the world is this happening. My interior lights don't come on anymore and my radio sometimes come on but if I open my door it goes off. And, for some reason when i'm on the highway going over 50mph the open door signal flashes. My fuses (inside) are okay. Has anyone experienced this?? Thanks in advance. Peter
  12. njmazda49

    Hood Fuse Box Question

    Can I switch a 40amp fuse from one slot to another (same amp of course) or are they specifically designed for each specific slot.
  13. njmazda49

    Where Is The Ecu On The Mazda 626 (4Cyl)

    Amazing! Thanks a bunch!