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  1. I think that's what it has on it now. I just took off the valve cover and some of the bolt I was able to undo with just an extension and my hand twisting the extension. Should I just put it back together and tighten the bolt? My manual is in storage so I don't know the torque specs.
  2. So I have had a leak for a while now and I am in the prossec of doing the VCG. When I took off the front valve cover the gasket seems ok and I thought I had them replaced about a year or so ago. I was wondering if I should add some RTV on the bottom of the VCG?
  3. Ok thanks for the quick replies I really appreciate it.
  4. Thats exactly what the relay that I replaced was doing. Was it a white relay that you replaced?
  5. I am having some similar problems with my 2001 Mazda 626. I already bought a new relay for it thinking that was the issue but still nothing I am currently looking at other similar threads. Can you tell us what relay you replaced maybe it can help me out thank you.
  6. Well I dont want to jinx my self but I think I got the problem solved. I didn't refill the coolant properly after I replaced the thermostat yesterday. I went out to the car a few hours ago and looked at the reservoir tank and it was empty. So I added some water and now its working. The heater is blowing out hot air like its supposed to and the temp gauge stays at its normal area. About less than half of the middle of the C and H. Thank you NickR.
  7. I fail to mention that I just replaced the thermostat yesterday. I did that because the heater did not blow out hot air until what seemed to be the normal amount of time before it started to blow out hot. But the gauge is all the way at H. Yesterday when I drove it home. About a 2-3 miles the gauge was way past H. Very scary. I was thinking it could be the water pump also but according to are mechanic he replaced the water pump when he replaced the timing belt and some pulys.
  8. Another horrible thing happened with my 626. The other day that same plug that I never posted pictures of gave out and started leaking most of my coolant. Well I replaced it again and now my temp gauge goes up to H in a matter of 10 minutes and regular driving conditions, about 35-30 MPH. What is the red cap thing by the reservoir tank on the passenger side. Would it be a good way to assume you have a faulty water pump if theirs no coolant running through their when you open that cap? Again the 626 is a 2001 V6. Thanks again.
  9. So I worked on my 626 today and found the source of my coolant leak. When I first noticed it I didn't think much of it. I had this plug replaced a few months ago so maybe that's why I didn't think much of it. It is a coolant plug near the oil filter. I will post a picture of the plug maybe tomorrow. That way anybody else out their with a unknown coolant leak can maybe try here. Cheap and easy fix.
  10. Thanks guys. The timing belt I replace for another issue with the car. It just died out and wouldn't start up again. Ill have to wait until next weekends payday to have someone look at it. I'm hoping to be able to do the work my self anybody ever done their head gasket before?
  11. Hello guys I bought this 2001 626 v6 engine, and off the bat started replacing things. It now has about 195xxx miles on it. I've had the overheating problem happen before and replaced the timing belt and all of the pulys and crap that go along with that. As well as the water pump. I took it in another time to get some little rubber plug that they have in the engine for coolant cause it started leaking again and now its heating up. The other day on my way back from work driving about 65mph i noticed the temp gauge go way past H. When I pulled up to a stop light the engine stalled on me. It started up again and was having a hard time getting back to speed. When I finally pulled off the road I pop the hood and their was steam or smoke coming from the engine. Around the area where the spark plugs and wire go. Also the check engine light came on. But I dont want to drive it to an auto parts store to see what it is. Scared it might make it worse. Could I have a bad gasket or something wrong inside the engine? Like I said in the beginning of the long long story I already replaced the water pump and timing belt. What else could be wrong with my car? Thank you all for any and all help.
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