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  1. Quote for no

  2. Miami for springbreak was fun

  3. @Bari_um I enjoyed this thank you

  4. I bought Hawaiian shirts for spring break and they're actually coming from Hawaii

  5. RT @callmeWise: *driving in DC* Navigation: "Your destination is 0.9 miles away. You will arrive in 32 minutes."

  6. RT @pattyrips27: I swear Scott picks me up in his Miata just to embarrass me.

  7. I'd say you 8/10 succeeded at this

  8. RT @MichaelaOkland: u know that girl u turned down in middle school? ya she's a brand ambassador for detox tea on instagram how fuvkin stup…

  9. RT @georgesti_: #notmysuperbowlchampion

  10. RT @SavageBiden: This one seems reasonable....

  11. RT @Peagrimes: Watching @scottberger715 crawl through the trunk of my old Civic because he locked the keys in it, just made my night https:…

  12. RT @Bari_um: My band got verified today on Spotify 😮😮

  13. RT @Peagrimes: God bless @scottberger715 for taking on my life problems that I face with all my vehicles

  14. @emozanian every episode

  15. Is it acceptable to blackout at a company party at Dave and Busters? Asking for a friend