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  1. tires were junk anyway... too many burnouts lol they didnt rub standing. only heavy acceleration and cornering, i guess i pushed it too much on my first drive.
  2. alright so heres the deal. i fell into an 03' P5 with a lot done already but the suspension was hacked bad. they cut the springs and left the brakes stock. i dont really drive my 626 anymore and was thinking about taking the brakes and struts from that and sticking it on the P5, if possible. whick brings me to my next problem, switched my summer wheels n tires to the P5 and the rear rubs so bad it cut both tires. i had a little rub on the 626, just ground the inside of fender and didnt let anyone in my car. the rims are 18" Konig illusions with 215/40R/18 tires. tokiko blue struts w eibach lowering springs. i just ordered a lower pro tire a 215/35R/18. do the Tokiko blues bolt on the P5? if they do what springs do i get to bring me closer to a stock ride hight while still keeping it tight? more pics to come...
  3. 626RIder

    Body Styles

    obviously any amount of money can make something fit. what is close to the 5th gen body, i cant stand the VIS kit for our car it looks gross. has anyone tried a millenia kit? or anything even remotley close? have you tried a random bumper and it didnt work? i need some input thinking of where to go with this.
  4. does anyone have pictures of their 98+ w out the side body molding. i have looked everywhere and cant find them.
  5. an option i think if i was using the OE steel rims, would that stuff damage aftermarket rims? it would be on the inside of the rim but is it easy to remove? i wouldnt want anything to happen to my new shoes
  6. So after getting my sound system completley installed, about 3 or 4 times in the same car lol. i decided that not having a spare is not so good. as of right now i rely on AAA, and i pray that i dont mack a curb or something stupid like that. Obviously a roof rack is completely out of the question, and i dont feel like having the spare tire standing up on the floor behind the driver seat is a "good" look. anyone have any input or ideas, my car is not really a racer so the weight isnt a problem. its location location location. here is is w/ out the carpet, and obv the subs. i think i had just finished the custom back deck.
  7. so i picked up the correct pipe today, the size, shape, length, etc. is the same on the Fed and Cali versions. all except the 3 hole flange, the bolt pattern is slightly smaller. not sure on the part number but if anyone has the same problem i can sure pull the number out of my record for ya.
  8. so i think its safe to say it is plenty big enough. i am doing my I4 in a week or so and it is my daily driver. trying to be as sure as possible before i strand myself w a useless car.
  9. any info helps. im not as worried about the calipers in the front as i am about the drum to disc conversion in the back. ive been talking to a lot of the VW guys and they are saying to check into the master cylinder. im assuming that i can figure out if it is the same in both the disc and drum models.
  10. the part number from my pep boys was 5317. the pipe itself was long enough and the right shape. it was only the flange bolt pattern. it was too small by about a 1/4"
  11. yea any idea where i can get one? how would it be canadian on a US car. i really hate emissions
  12. 626RIder

    Body Styles

    so many different options, they still all are way too involved and cost effective. i have a fear of putting that much time and money into something and having it look terrible.
  13. ordered new brake lines and parking brake cables well worth it. no upgrade needed as far as the master cylinder goes?
  14. for some reason i cant find the correct down pipe (FLEX PIPE) for my car. i went to my local Pep Boys and bought what i thought to be the correct pipe, turns out the 3 hole triangular flange that bolts to the pre cat is too small by atleast 1/4". the pipe i bought was a federal emissions pipe and is the only part listed for this vehicle. does anyone know where to go with this? is there a california emissions downpipe?
  15. 626RIder

    Body Styles

    hate me for asking if you must. what options are there for body mods, keep in mind im pretty terrible when it comes to body work. i dont nesicarily want to get a kit, do any other years of the 626 fit? how about the mx-6 or probe? are they even close?
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