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  1. It is bigger than an inch, but 23 and 24mm are smaller than an inch. I tried it again last night. I borrowed a Mac impact from a shop close to me, and that did not touch it. So I borrowed a breaker bar from them and I could not break it with that either. So I went back to using my 1/2 ratchet with a cheater bar on the end and I was finally able to break that damn thing loose. I thought for sure the head of the bolt was going to twist off! I had an adjustable wrench on the intake came wedged against the head, and then a 1 1/16" wrench holding the exhaust cam (I only had 24mm and a 27m
  2. I have the tools man, and I have done this before. My torque wrench is rated at close to 1000 ft/lbs in reverse. I was just curious if people had tips on holding the cams or anything like that. Is there a tool made to hold the cams?
  3. Okay, I pulled the accessories back off and pulled the timing belt cover off. I put the crank pulley back on and plugged the crank sensor back in and started the car. After about 5 minutes of running I saw the oil drip....behind the cam pulley...so the cam seal is leaking. Now for the problem...I can't get the cam bolt loose. My impact will not touch it, and I broke a ratchet trying to turn it with a cheater bar. I put a beefier wrench on it and my adjustable wrench is not able to hold the cam. Have you guys run into this before? I'm not sure if they were put in with Loctite or what. I
  4. Does anyone know/remember what size wrench you need to hold the cams on the 2.5?
  5. Yeah, I just want to make sure I got the electrical plug in there good before I call it a lost cause. I hope I can warranty it since I just installed it. We will see.
  6. *UPDATE* So I changed out the timing belt and water pump and put everything back together with the new alternator. Two things, 1)the alternator is overcharging right off the bat...the battery light comes on in the car and at idle it shows ~16.5 volts at the battery. Should I assume I got a bum alternator or is there something else I need to be checking first? 2) I still have an oil leak. The oil is running down the front right corner of the engine. It goes behind the a/c bracket and comes down to the oil pan and drips. With all of the accessories on I cannot see where it is coming fr
  7. Hey guys, I worked on the car some over the weekend, and I have a questions. What is the opening that I put my screwdriver in? It was completely full of sludge, I cleaned it out with a pick and a screw driver but I would like to know what it's purpose is. Did not know if it has something to do with the pcv or not.
  8. I am aware of those plugs and I know for a fact at least one leak is coming from the plug on the front head. I could spin it with my finger and when I moved the car back to my garage the plug fell out and is in the timing cover somewhere:) All of my parts came in at the end of last week and I am going to work on it when I get time this week. I am going to pull the timing belt off and try to make sure I am taking care of all of the leaks while I'm in there.
  9. I will fix it, I just wanted to see if there was a common leak that would soak the alternator. Was your alternator covered in oil when it was overcharging?
  10. Yeah I think this is my 5th 626, I have had 4 cylinders and V6's when I started this account, I put the specs in on the car I had at the time. I try to post in the right forum and post the specs in my first post.
  11. This is about a 2.5. It sounds like I just need to pull mine off first.
  12. I called the junkyard and they said that the 00-02 alternators will work. Not sure what the difference is. Also if I try to purchase and alternator from advanced auto online, they list the 80 amp alternator as the one that I need. I'll have the car soon so I can check it out then, I am just trying to get my ducks in a row.
  13. another follow up on this, without pulling the alternator off of the car how do I know which alternator to buy? The car is an 01. When I go to rock auto it lists an 80amp alternator that fits 01-02, but they also list a 90amp that fits 93-01. Is there an easy way to know which alternator my car uses? I am just trying to get things lined up to repair it. Thanks.
  14. I think the alternator may be in a different spot on the v6. On the V6 it is on the "front" of the engine closest to the radiator. The owner seems honest, and she is supposed to be digging up documentation today. I made a deal on the car last night and I am going to pick it up tomorrow. Once I have it home I will pull things apart and try to figure out where it's coming from.
  15. Yeah that's what I was thinking but I could see that they had been replaced. One thing the owner mentioned to me is that the head gaskets had been replaced due to oil leaking. Not sure if that is a common thing here or not but I really have not heard of external oil leaks from a head gasket
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