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  1. Hole In Maf Or What?

    Well my car drove very nice for one day now it is wore than ever. so i was driving and just got onto the highway and when i hit 65 mph my car screeched really bad and i pulled over and it stop'd so i proceeded on my way to get my code read again (iac code again) and my car progressively got wore and worse the idle sucks in drive i have to put it in neutral so it doesn't shake my car into pieces and die on me. and now when i have my defrost/AC on in neutral it does the same thing as if it was in drive. at a stop light when i try to accelerate my car craps out and flashes the dumb check engine light and i have to floor it to get anywhere. any more suggestions for me? Thanks for the help
  2. Hole In Maf Or What?

    Thanks everyone. I cleaned my MAF and it helped a little. My car just got a bad leak i thought it was the rear main, i took it to the shop and they found out it was my upper oil pan gasket and transmission valve body gasket leaking. and they found mismatching spark plugs and one was cracked so was running on 3cyl (the first owner of the car was smart) just thought that's how my Mazda drove lol. and they redid my timing. wish they told me it wasn't my rear main because i could have saved half a grand.... o well
  3. Hole In Maf Or What?

    When my parts got home everything was different so nothing fit and I will check those things. Thanks
  4. Hole In Maf Or What?

    I covered the hole with the metal ductape the engine light went off but today it comeback on and the tape is still on there good. My dad bought the whole system at a junkyard for 54$ from a 96 and I took my car to auto tech today ( i go to a tech school for construction but they have automotive class) and the code reader did not read the code? Weird hope it's not a different code any ideas why the light would come back on and start to stall and sputter again?
  5. Hole In Maf Or What?

  6. Hole In Maf Or What?

    will do. btw i watch you on youtube saw your video IAC job.
  7. Hole In Maf Or What?

    Hey im new to this awesome form looks to be very helpful. Anyway there might be a hole in my MAF i kinda looks like a crack but sorta looks like its ment to be there? its on the right side right under the black cover were it plugs in. it feels like air is being sucked through it witch there is no filtration. my Check engine light came on and went and got my code read and it was my IAC valve code. it says something about checking for vacume leaks the MAF it self and the IAC valve i cant reamber. its been stalling lately when coming up to a stoplight then turning green befor i stop and trying to accelerate and when i try to get out of my own way turning onto a road. hope some people can tell me how to fix this. Thanks everyone